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Watching Alexander Ovechkin celebrate his 50th goal last night by dropping his stick and pretending it was on fire (then pretending to warm his hands), I must give him credit. He is becoming Pittsburgh's anti-hero in a way few others not named Ray Lewis ever have. And this wasn't even in a game against the Penguins.

Some people think his antics are good for hockey. I suppose if obnoxious is your angle, then yes, that's the fastest ticket to getting you and your sport featured on SportsCenter. I've got a suggestion for Alex Ovechkin: concentrate more on winning a playoff series and less on your "look at me" antics.

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Steve said...

Sorry Ovie, but if you need 500 shots on goal with a glorified Hi-Li stick to score 50, you suck...Period. This opinion doesn't even include the fact that you lead the league in giveaways, are afraid to go into the corners and get dirty and float around center ice like a scavenger looking for loose pucks and cheap shots while leaving your team mates on the hook to cover for your lazy inability to chip in defensively.

He will be a defensive liability in the playoffs (again) and be caught more often standing around looking for gift one timers than putting the puck in the net on one of his a zillion shots from the same left slot location as he scored 90% of his regular season goals.

I've never seen a more one dimensional, jaggoff of a player in my life and the only reason he's allowed to be as effective as he is, is because Green and Semin pick up his slack.

Jeff_King_Fan said...

i love the fact that he's acting like an ass. hockey does need it. just as they need the way Sid the kid expresses himself. plus, can you imagine this additional headline if these two teams meet in the playoffs. thanks alex, you talented moron.

Steve said...


Koz said...

If he wants to plan celebrations like Chad Johnson, I say we refer to him as "Ocho"

I'm actually okay with this because hockey needs some characters. As long as he is an outlier and not the norm, that's fine.

As for his cherry picking, that's just one way to play the game. 66 did plenty of camping in the neutral zone waiting to break loose.

Broke But Still Drinking said...

They call that the "Potato Dig" in Russia. It's sweeping through all the night clubs and he's simply spreading the trend to the States.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I would have loved to see him try pulling that one with Ulf Samuelsson in the game.

If Sid did something like that, someone would try to decapitate him moreso than people do now.

This kid needs to get his clock cleaned and realize that his team falling faster than a dress on prom night ( thanks to Lee Corso for that one).

A lot of guys would score 50 if they were permanently at the blue line and taking nearly 7 shots every single night. He converts at a rousing 10%. WOW.

Anonymous said...

May I ask for what transgressions brought upon you?

Operation sports

I can’t figure out whether I initially hated the Ovechkin celebration because it was Ovechkin, because it was hockey, or because I’m just hating.

I tend to like most Touchdown celebrations, and while they’re extremely cheesy (or horribly lost in translation) in my view, I respect soccer displays of choreographed exuberance. All I know is when I saw him use the stick as a prop, I was disgusted.

I’m leaning more on the fact that its hockey and I’ve never really ever seen anything like that in hockey before., and prolly got the same feeling some old man did back in the 70’s when some Houston Oilers decided to simulate shooting dice after a score.

The fact that since I live the D.C area every time Ovechkin gets the puck I haft to hear the Announcer say “The Great 8”

BIGG...F..F..FFFFANNN said...

Come on, the guy is great and he's having fun. I Love the Pens but give the guy a break. If you folks have you're way the NHL will rival the NFL as the "no fun League"

Steve said...

Koz, That's one way to play the game but Mario could play it any way he wanted too, that's why not only does he have the best shots per goal percentage, he's also one of the best playmakers ever and when he wanted, could also play a great defensive game. Ovechkin has none of this in his game. Like I said, one-dimensional.

As far as his celebration goes, the "hot stick" stunt was actually done before and much better by Terry Ryan who played in the Western Hockey League. Jose Theodore was his team mate then and that's obviously who Ovie got the idea from (couldn't imagine that Tard has an original thought in his head). Terry Ryan also got under other players skins for his antics and shortly afterward he caused a bench clearing brawl where he got badly sucker punched to the back of the head and his career went quickly downhill from there.

So not only was it unoriginal, premeditated and wreaks of bad sportsmanship, I think he needs beaten for it too.