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"The refs, they have it out for me, I guess," he said. "They want to get DeJuan Blair out of the game."

Ugh. That's a direct quote from Dejuan Blair in Ron Cook's PG column today, and I have to admit, I don't like it. I'm as big as a Dejuan Blair fan as you'll ever find, but I don't like the paranoia, I don't like the third-person, I don't like the blame shifting. Hopefully it was merely a case of a young man speaking out of frustration and nothing more.

One more thing I've heard all day on ESPN that's unsettling: no team that's lost their first-round conference tournament game has ever won the national title. Is Pitt capable of doing what's never been done before?

Pitt has a week to learn from loss [Ron Cook/PG]
Photo: Trib Slideshow

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BurressWithButterflywings said...

i wish he didnt say that, he sounds like a Seahawks fan.

tittg said...

I was a pretty big Blair fan until I attended the Providence game. At the end of the national anthem, while all of his teammates were still in locked arms, he started walking toward the middle of the court, both arms extended making the "number one" sign with his fingers. Keep in mind, this was when they had been #1 for approximately 3 hours. The crowd was doing everything they could not to boo him during the anthem.

JW said...

He does that before every game, home and away. Nothing to do with number 1 ranking.
Just saying.