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Remember when Sidney Crosby was playing sans visor during the Bruins game on Sunday? Conspiracy theories have flown since then, but Puck Daddy gives Mark Madden credit for breaking the story wide open with his recent interview of Chris Kunitz, who said:

"I hear him and one of the other Boston players had some words after one of their goals, and then came back to the bench ... I didn't know whatever happened, if it was scratched or whatever. But I noticed the next shift he had it off and was letting the other player know he wasn't intimidated. I guess the guy made some kind of remark, and Sid went and took it off, and maybe challenged the guy a little. Obviously nothing had come about it, but obviously you see the heart and the grit that Sid has ..."

Madden filled in the rest of the blanks on his WXDX blog with his take of the incident:

Bruins center Marc Savard taunted Crosby after a Boston goal, and the taunting continued until both players neared their benches. Crosby challenged Savard to fight, and Savard responded: "Take off that [sissy] shield, and I'll be glad to."

So Crosby handed his helmet to equipment manager Dana Heinze and told him to remove the visor. Crosby took the ice for his next shift sans shield but Savard backed down, thereby looking like the [sissy] he accused Crosby of being.

Score one for Sid in the mind games department and cue a verbal beatdown for Savard, who took a brutal aural blistering from the Penguins bench throughout the rest of the afternoon (and no doubt lost a little respect in the eyes of his teammates when his bluff got called).

I think it's pretty obvious what was going on here, and it's not good for Savard. He ran his mouth and did not back it up, period. And now he's getting called on it. Add Savard's name to the rapidly-growing list of NHL players who feel the need to poke the lion that is Sidney Crosby. Maybe one day, guys like Savard, Ovechkin, Semin, etc., will learn their lesson, but don't hold your breath on that day happening anytime soon.

Bruins player wimps out after Crosby removes visor for fight [Puck Daddy]
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Anonymous said...

I hope this doesn't backfire and result in more challenges to Sid from guys looking to prove they're not [sissy]s.

Jeff_King_Fan said...

who's tougher sid or malkin?

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

That's what I call leading by example.