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Vinson Smith, a linebacker who played ever so briefly for the Steelers years ago, spends his time as a bail bondsman in North Carolina these days. You know, along the lines of Dog the Bounty Hunter. But Smith's in a bit of hot water after charges of pistol-whipping a man so bad that he needed 15 staples to close the wound. However, Smith's attorney claims it's a conspiracy to run his client out of the bail bondsman business. Sports by Brooks featured the story and all of its painful-sounding details:

The STATESVILLE RECORD & LANDMARK of North Carolina says that Smith was paying a visit to Jamarr Scott, who failed to appear before the court on DWI charges. What happened next is a matter of dispute, to say the least. Scott, who admits to ditching his court date because he was “scared,” claims Smith nearly killed him.

Scott said he was asleep and still waking up when Smith and Hicks came into his bedroom. “I was trying to put my pants on,” he said.

Scott said Smith got around Hicks and then hit him on the top of the head.

“When he first hit me, the gun came out of his hand,” he said.

Scott said he fell back onto the bed, and Smith grabbed him by the neck before retrieving the gun.
He said Smith then hit him several more times and told him that he lost money because Scott failed to appear on the DWI charge.

Scott said he begged Smith to call an ambulance, but he replied, “You’re not going to the hospital. You’re going to jail,” Scott said.

Smith's time as a Steeler is about as memorable as that of Richard Seigler or Jon Dekker, but he did manage to hang around the league for 12 years as a special teams ace, winning a Super Bowl with the Cowboys in 1992. Unfortunately, he hitched his wagon to the Dave Wannstedt Train and signed with his old assistant coach in Chicago, so he missed out on a few more rings with Dallas. But that looks to be the least of his problems today.

EX-NFLer & “Dog” Wannabe Arrested For Assault [SPORTSbyBROOKS]

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