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It's hard to criticize new Pens coach Disco Dan Byslma for much of anything, but one look at his website shows that it probably could use some updating, considering he last played for the Anaheim Ducks in, oh, 2004. But I digress. There's a wealth of information on our new coach that I never knew existed before it was recently pointed out to me.

Among the Dan Bylsma trivia nuggets unearthed:

--He's written four books already. Who knew?

--He talks about smelly equipment. That's always a good ice-breaker.

--He was featured on televangelist Dr. Robert H. Schuller's "Hour of Power" television program in 2001.

--He's had at least 550 stitches and 26 broken bones during his playing career.

--Sometimes he was in awe of Mario Lemieux as a player. Nothing wrong with that.

--Wayne Gretzky is not really a bad person.

--There's a Dan Bylsma Charitable Trust Fund to assist children with the high costs of hockey equipment.

OK, he needs to update his color scheme. But the main point that was impressed upon me in my brief time on his site is what a good guy he appears to be. Many pro athletes wouldn't give the average Joe the time of day, let alone answer questions about stinky hockey gear or set up trust funds to benefit kids. So not only did the Pens get a great interim coach, but they got the double-bonus of a good human being. Will this good guy be behind the bench next year? That, my friends, is a question that has not yet been answered.

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