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Following the lead of Nate Washington and Anthony Smith, Bryant McFadden decided that he was better off not playing for the defending Super Bowl champions in 2009, instead opting to join the runner-up Arizona Cardinals and former Steeler assistant Ken Whisenhunt. His replacement should be William Gay, who I feel is perfectly capable and ready to take the next step, despite that forgettable showing at the championship parade. The deal was negotiated by the lovable Drew Rosehaus, who is also representing disgruntled Cardinals Anquan Boldin and Edgerrin James. The terms were two years, $10 million, with $5 million guaranteed.

In four years with the Steelers, McFadden started a total of 18 games, never more than nine in one season. I always thought he got a bit of a raw deal as far as playing time goes, but I'm sure that will not be a problem in the desert. I was a little surprised at the somewhat lukewarm market for his services considering his upside and relatively inexpensive price tag, but I suppose that's what this market would bear.

My Bryant McFadden memories begin and end with his pass defense of Reggie Wayne in the 2005-06 playoff game at Indianapolis, post-heart attack-inducing Bettis fumble. And that was as a rookie in an extremely pressurized situation. I thought that would be the beginning of great things to come for McFadden, but for whatever reason, I never felt he reached his full potential here. Will that happen with the Cardinals? That's for McFadden (and Whisenhunt) to decide.

McFadden departs Steelers for Cards [Trib]

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Real McCoy said...

Losing McFadden is similar to losing Nate. Both were valuable contributors, and they will be missed. Hopefully the guys stepping in will be able to fill their shoes. William Gay has shown himself to be capable, but depth is an issue. In the case of injuries, who steps in for William Gay? I'm sure the Steelers braintrust is already at least a couple of moves ahead.

Real McCoy said...

Ellis Cannon will need to find a new co-host for his Tuesday night show.

Hosting that show has not been good for player's careers with the Steelers.

Deuce hosted one season, we assume while wearing his famous grey sweats. Clark Haggans followed Duece, and then McFadden. Maybe Deshea can take it for a year. He's going into the final year of his contract and there is a good chance this could be his final year with the Steelers.

okel dokel said...

Not a real surprise; Bryant was a great contributor and as Art pointed out the Steelers front office probably saw this coming last year.

Steve said...

Seems like this is the only way a bitter Whiz-n-piss can get back at the Steelers other than toilet papering Rooney's house. I hear they are offering Steely McBeam a 2-year contract worth millions and are putting together a mega deal for Adam Hall and Ryan Malone.

Anonymous said...

#20 was a key contributor to the team since he was drafted, however for the past two training camps, he has been in competition with Townsend and couldn't not take the position by the neck and claim it as his. You would think that a younger, slightly faster, slightly more athletic guy would have no problem unseating the "wiley old vet", but i think that he was a mediocre CB at best and will be easily replaced.

Koz said...

A nice player, but this is life with the salary cap. Best to you in the future, Bryant.