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And another timeless Pittsburgh collectible is born. In case you've forgotten, here are the others that came about as a result of a Super Bowl-winning season:

Troy Polamalu, 1/26/09

Nate Washington & Santonio Holmes, 1/19/09

LaMarr Woodley, 12/22/08

*Thanks to the Kiss 96.1 Freak Show for the pic

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Unknown said...

Nice work. I ended up buying a reprint of this year's cover, along with the covers from SB IX, X, XII, XIV, and XL. I'm going to get them framed here in Seattle, but not sure whether to go with black mat/gold frame or gold mat/black frame.

Also, it looks like the link to the XLIII cover is broken.

Anonymous said...

looks like holmes toes aren't both on the ground...

Meadowbrookalum1 said...

Feet aren't on the ground...gd106come on, you're better than that. Act like a person with some reasoning skills and figure out that the picture was taken as he was falling; not as his feet came down.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I seem to recall seeing pretty good video evidence in which both toes are on the ground.

It isnt at all possible that picture was taken after he dragged his foot?

boo effing hoo