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Numerous members of the Steeler Universe have been spotted at college hoops games this season (including Ben Roethlisberger, who, when not eating Dippin Dots, takes in the occasional Pens game in Mario's box, too).

This week's offerings include a few from last night's Duke-UNC game, including one William Laird Cowher (looking very focused), and in the second shot (to the right of David Cutliffe), it's Steeler ROY/James Franco-lookalike Patrick Bailey.

Not to be outdone, Unofficial Mascot of All Pittsburgh Teams Jeff Reed was spotted at the latest Pitt-WVU game downing a healthy plate of nachos while wearing his latest clever t-shirt. As I've said before, just keep knockin' down those kicks and you can eat all the nachos you want, big guy.

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The Duke from Dukes Court said...

I guess Jeff is the one who is swaggin

Unknown said...

Delicious-looking nachos? Bleached white hair? You sooooo missed a chance at the now-obligatory Guy Fieri reference.