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I know it was "only" the Lightning, but last night's 4-3 overtime/comeback win had the feel of something special for the Pens. Maybe it was the presence of comeback kids Ben Roethlisberger and Jeff Reed in the house. Maybe it was Geno Malkin picking a rare time to address the locker room after the second period. Maybe it was the penalty that the Penguins baited Gary Roberts into, which led to Petr Sykora's game-tying goal in the third period. Whatever the case, it's hopefully the start of something special for a team that's desperate for good news.

The Pens have plodded along to a 5-11-1 record in their previous 17 games, and after two periods of being shut out by Mike McKenna (who was making his first career start), there were few signs of life. But goals from Malkin, Mark Eaton, and Sykora tied the game, and Geno notched his 24th in OT to send Pittsburgh fans home with their second dramatic, Tampa-related victory this week.

The Penguins resume play on Friday night at the Igloo against Columbus (24-22-5), which, like Pittsburgh, sits one point out of a playoff spot. The puck drops at 7:30, and it is unknown whether or not Skippy Reed will once again drop it.

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Steve said...
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Steve said...
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Steve said...

Geno addressed the locker room? Wow! I would liked to have heard what he said...probably something like this: "You guys bad play! No play like men, play like girls! (looking at Whitney). Now let's grow tentacles bigger and score goals more!"

Seriously though, they've had these games throughout the season and as soon as you think they've turned this hypothetical corner and are ready to start winning some games, they go right out the very next game and sh!t the bed and or have key players injured. That said, here's hoping Malkin can get through the entire season in one piece, as he's been the only player who can bring his game up to another level when the rest of the team looks to anyone but themselves for answers.

Considering how much he stepped up last season with Crosby out and is still the best player we have, if he spoke English as well as Gonchar, I'd put that C on Geno's chest and watch him carry this team into the playoffs. Hopefully that will also bump Crosby into a gear I haven't seen with any regularity for over two years now, top winger or no top winger.

mondesishouse said...

I heard that Geno thing on DVE this morning - I think it might've been Phil Bourque talking about it. They thought it was newsworthy because of how rarely Geno speaks up. Judging by how he played after that, I could sure believe it.

RedHawks Hockey said...

This team... no bueno. I hope they have some sort of Russian conversion. Or they just go into operation shutdown and they draft tavares. or the big swede.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I wish we could get rid Cryan Britney..... he is totally useless and especially for $4.5 million or some outrageous figure like that.

Scuderi is 2x as good for probably half as much. And yes, i am willing forego that .5 shots per game Whitney might manage to get to the net with slightly more authority than that of an eight year old girl.