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There's a curse for everything these days, so it's about time someone points the finger at this commercial for Guitar Hero World Tour. One week, Michael Phelps' endorsements begin to go up in smoke; the next, A-Rod becomes A-Roid/A-Fraud/A-Hole/A-Pathetetic overnight; Kobe? Yeah, he's had a rather bumpy ride at times, too. In short, if I were Tony Hawk, I'd leave that helmet on and be on my best behavior.

But to wrap up the steroid talk, does anything really surprise you at this point? Seriously, let's take a look at some of the things that have happened in the last week or so: a female rapper performed at the Grammy Awards while nine months pregnant; a pop star's weight gain is being covered like a national tragedy; a mother of six has octuplets; the Super Bowl winning QB claimed he played with broken ribs, a claim which isn't exactly embraced; and a male rapper beats up a female pop star, delivering injuries described as "horrific". Really, are we nearing the point where we are numb to shock as a society? It's almost become a sick game of can you top this? If Michael Phelps was the #1 story last week, he's falling faster than a BCS team losing to a mid-major this week.

Please indulge my curiosity in where you stand on this topic. Once and for all, let's put it to the polls. And before you ask, yes, that's A-Rod getting a rubdown in that first photo below.

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Walter Sobchak said...

There is no drug "problem" in the NFL. They have just the right mix of chemicals and tolerance for them. Does anyone want to see the NFL go smaller?

And steroids in baseball doesn't make me want to watch it less. The lack of competitiveness between large markets and most other teams makes me want to watch it less.

I honestly don't understand how anyone is still a fan of the Pirates/Royals/Every other scrub team. For all those that still follow and root for the unlovable losers, may I suggest a pro basketball squad for you to give your undying support...the Washington Generals.