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In case you missed it, Pitt turned in another dominating performance in an 85-69 win over the Cincinnati Bearcats yesterday, which means (as the crowd reminded us) that top-ranked UConn is next on the schedule. It couldn't happen at a better time, because Pitt is playing their best basketball and sitting at 22-2.

Levance Fields continued his unreal play with 13 assists and no turnovers, as he continues to lead the nation in assist:turnover ratio. Fields has 56 assists and just six turnovers over the past five games. To boot, Pitt shot 67.4% from the floor, a number that tied a school record set in a 2006 tournament game against Kent State.

But the highlight of highlights was when Sam Young threw down the windmill jam shown above, which can also be seen in the video below. Ironically, it happened on the same night as the NBA dunk contest. Maybe Young will end up in the contest opposite Lebron, who pledged to participate, next year?

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SantoGold said...

Duke v UNC is so 5 years ago. Pitt v UConn is where its at now!