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Barack Obama will do his first live interview from the White House during NBC's pre-game Sunday

Another Terrible Towel in space at the International Space Station, from Kevin K.

Steeler fans are everywhere -even the NHL All Star Game in Montreal (from Mark A.)

Dave Dameshek's nephews throw a hex on the Cardinals while visiting Arizona

Commerce Bank's corporate headquarters in Harrisburg, PA (from Jeff K)


A sneak peek at Troy Polamalu's re-creation of the Joe Greene Coke ad, courtesy of Kiss 96.1

Pittsburgh's response to the McDonald's Angus Commercial

There's a new Steelers song, filled with "guitars, pittsburgh accents, references to Jason Capizzi, and Myron Cope."


--The Steelers arrive in Tampa. Let the games begin. [Trib]

--Hines says the knee feels better and wants to practice [PG]

--A restaurant co-owned by Mitch Berger will unveil the Super Mitch Berger -- two 18-ounce patties of hand-ground prime beef, sauteed mushrooms, Canadian back bacon, cheddar cheese and a special sauce dubbed Mitch's Mayo -- on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 1, at Players Chop House in Vancouver. But just like the great McRib, this is a limited-time offer. [Ottawa Citizen]

--Sidenote from the last link: did anyone know Berger's dad was from Homestead?

--"But I guess my favorite was the one on Chris Henry [of the Cincinnati Bengals] my first year here. I got him pretty good. The ball deflected off us, and Ike Taylor picked it off. That was my first big play with this team. I remember James Harrison telling me, 'Now, you're a Pittsburgh Steeler.' " -- Ryan Clark, on his best hits [PG]

--What if Ward doesn't play, asks Mark Madden [Beaver County Times]

--Did Dan Rooney really write this letter to a Seahawk fan? [SPORTSbyBROOKS]

--Larry Fitzgerald wanted to be a Nittany Lion at one point. [Penn Live]

--Can Larry Fitz's dad really cover him objectively? [Slate]

--Backup DB Fernando Bryant really wants a ring [PG]

--A Wilkinsburg woman is willing to sell space on her body for a trip to SB43 [WTAE]

--The city will hold a "Cage the Cards" rally on Thursday [PG]

--Keep your eyes out for Super Bowl scams [We Are Central PA]

--Bob Smizik is now blogging, and he says "Not so fast, Steeler Nation". [PG]

--Woodland Hills HS has two players in this year's Super Bowl [Trib]

--Bruce Springsteen is Sunday's halftime entertainment, and you can buy tickets for his Pittsburgh concert on Super Bowl Monday [PG]

--The classic NES game "Duck Hunt" modified so you can shoot at Cardinals [PG Steeler Nation]

--Not everyone in Arizona likes Kurt Warner [Joe Sports Fan]

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AJ said...

The Mitch Berger Burger sounds delicious, but the waitress can not serve it to anyone sitting farther than 25 yards away from the kitchen.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Seattle Seahawk fans are the Ted Bucklands of the NFL (Scrubs reference).

At first it seemed like sour grapes in the heat of the moment. Three years later, it's just kind of sad.

Broke But Still Drinking said...

You are out hunting and have no toilet paper. Your stomach rumbles as you search through your stuff. You find only an old terrible towel in your duffle bag. As a Steelers fan, what do you do?

What do you do?

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

So the crotchedy old miser known as Smizik writes a long-winded, back-patting farewell article and now he's blogging. Something isn't adding up. Coincedence that this occurs moments after the ratings book comes out with MM on top?

RedHawks Hockey said...

Why won't Smizik go away.

Adam said...

Mondesi, you missed the most interesting part of the article. It was a Paterno drive-by piece about how Paterno is an idiot for not bending his academic rules for Fitzgerald. It also rips him by saying that Fitz wouldn't have seen the field his freshman year like he did at Pitt because Paterno doesn't play freshman. Just ask Derrick Williams, Deon Butler, and Jordan Norwoord.

Anyway, the moral of this guy's story is that Walt Harris is a much smarter guy and better football coach than Paterno could ever hope to be. So jealous you all were blessed by his presence.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Adam, you missed the part where no one cares what you think.

BurressWithButterflywings said...


As soon as I saw the words Penn State on here, I knew we would be paid a visit from Adam.......

Just like terrorists and cockroaches; you think you got rid of them,but they come right on back.

sshisheng said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sshisheng said...

I'm getting kinda sick with people trying to fake the Pittsburgh accent. Francis sounded like he was mixing his accents. Tools.