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After months of a back-and-forth, Shady McCoy has made it official: he's going to enter the NFL draft. He had this to say as per a statement released by Pitt:

"During my two years at Pitt, I have received an overwhelming amount of love and acceptance, starting from my first visit to the university all the way through the end of this season. I have been treated with respect, class and consideration. For that I am incredibly grateful.

"I will always cherish the opportunity Pitt has given me. I wore number 25 with pride and tried to represent my coaches, teammates, staff and Panther fans with class. I would like to thank everyone involved with the Pitt football program for a wonderful two years in Pittsburgh."

It was a huge decision with literally millions of dollars on the line, and I hope for his sake that LeSean has made the right one. While I wished he would've stayed for purely selfish reasons, I'll be rooting for him in the pros.

Pitt's McCoy will go to NFL draft [PG]

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