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A.K.A. "Stuff That Came in After the Deadline and Is Too Good to Sit On For Another Week"


--AOL Fanhouse writer Adam Gretz spotted Jason B.'s email earlier today in The News and it prompted him to pen an entire article on the topic for their site. So please read it so we can all be on the same page concerning the timing of who got hired when.


Brian S.

Jonathan R. from Pittsburgh, in Maui


--"I noticed that Mr. Rooney had an incorrect hat during the broadcast. This is the best picture I can find and I tried to explode the view as well. Not only do the colors look backwards but the entire logo looks backwards as well." -- Steve B.

--"I think this is the poem someone was looking for." -- Anonymous


--Super Bowl Tale of the Tape: Pittsburgh vs. Phoenix [SI]

--Cardinals QB Kurt Warner draws God [YouTube]

--Cards fans vandalized the yard of Donovan McNabb's Chandler, AZ home [ESPN]

--More on the Obama-Rooney lovefest [USA Today]

--A look at the lighter side of Jeff Reed [WTAE]

--Your Super coin-tossers will be Lynn Swann, John Elway, and Roger Craig, plus Joe Namath presenting the Lombardi Trophy [Trib]

--"I didn't realize that this didn't make it to TV. I didn't film this, but just Youtubed 'Pittsburgh's going to the Super Bowl'... The whole stadium was singing, this video still doesn't do it justice.." -- Mike T., Pittsburgh

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Anonymous said...

Ugh, enough with the freakin' terrible towels. We get it.

Is anyone else tired of these kinds of stories? Not specifically here, as this is an entertainment blog... But EVERYWHERE else?

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

I recommend figuring out how to deal with it. THere's still a week and a half until Tampa and a lot of yinzers waving their tahls arahnd the globe n'at

RAWsvc34 said...

Good stuff ADAM GRETZ.....but I believe I beat him to it. Peep the comments from yesterday's news.

[/patting self on back]

Anonymous said...

re: Mike T's comment

I was at the game on Sunday, and he's right, literally the ENTIRE stadium was singing that song in unison... I'm willing to bet less than 200 people left immediately following the game, including Ravens fans. Gave me a little bit of the chills actually, it was one of the coolest sports moments I've been a part of.

Steve said...

Anyone else here moved by the heart felt attempt at a Black Panther salute by Dan Rooney? Hmmm, first the Rooney rule, then hiring Tomlin and now close buddies with Obama. Coincidence? It may just be Alzheimer's kicking in but if Dan Rooney shows up at the Super Bowl with a posse of Snoop Dogg, Chris Rock and Ophra it may be just a matter of time before he quotes the famous Steve Martin line "I was born a poor black child..." That would be epic!

Unknown said...

Regarding the whole Whiz/Tomlin timeline, I seem to recall that Whiz took the Arizona job shortly after Atlanta filled it's coaching vacancy, which Whiz had interviewed for. The Rooneys were taking a long time to decide, and Whiz didn't want to miss out on another potential job waiting for them to make their decision. I got the impression that the Steelers gig was his first choice but that he took the job that was on the table rather than wait and miss out on both.

Unknown said...

that vid gives me chills.

My wife DVR'd the game for me ( I was on my way home from being deployed) and at the end you could hear the song being sung.

Fcukin chills.