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Welcome to the new and improved version of The News. That's right, I'm reverting back to the old title to this feature named after Mike Tomlin's player-embarrassing method of game review. Presented for your consideration are 38 links complete with futile attempts at comedy, fused with a few interesting pics. Hopefully this will do a good job of frittering away your day.


(Click to enlarge for a more awesome view)

From Mike M.:
"These guys are flying over Afghanistan and still showed their Steeler pride. Maybe this will make Lendale White think again before stomping on another terrible towel."

Well said, my friend.


That's Ruslan Fedotenko delivering a blow to beloved ex-Penguin Colby Armstrong. More importantly, the Pens beat the lowly Thrashers, 3-1, ending a five-game slide.


--Dirt Dawson and Rod Woodson are Hall of Fame finalists. I know Rod's probably a lock, but I hope Dawson doesn't have to wait too long. [Trib]

--Myron Cope gives his thoughts on this weekend's playoff game. Yoi! [D.C. Steeler Nation]

--In case you missed it, Jason Whitlock cares not for Jerome Bettis' broadcasting skills. [Fox]

--And how about Bradshaw on Leno the other night? [Deadspin]

--But back to the Bus, he's been a busy guy since his walk-off Super Bowl victory [Sean's Ramblings]

--The Steelers will win their next three games by scoring a combined 40 points. If it means winning the Super Bowl, I wouldn't care if they won them all 3-0. Worked for Oregon State. [Pittsburgh's Black and Gold]

--Here's a great 24-minute video entitled "Steeler Nation" just released by Mondesi reader Chris Patterson. Enjoy it. []

--The New York Times takes an extended look at the man we affectionately call "Silverback", James Harrison. [NY Times]

--No one bought the decapitated Roethlisberger action figure from ebay user "ihatepburgh". I find that hard to believe, especially with the $9.99 opening bid. The economy must be bad. [ebay]

--KSK's Haters Guide to the Postseason takes on the Steelers. If you've got a thick skin and can laugh at ourselves, it's pretty funny. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]


--Mad Mike's gotta stop rotating the alternate captaincies, says Mark Madden. Here, here. [Mark Madden/105.9 The X]

--EJ Hradek picks his own All-Star rosters. Don't worry, Canadiens fans can't mess with this one. [ESPN]


--Jarkko Ruutu channels his inner Mike Tyson and bites Andrew Peters last night. Interesting to see how his inevitable league-mandated penalty stacks up against Sean Avery's.


--I have to link any post with the title, "Bobby Bradley Dislikes You Calling Him A Bust". It's a rule. [Bugs & Cranks]

--Former Awful Pirate John Wasdin is headed to Japan. Thankfully, the Pirates have replaced him with two Indian guys who won a reality show contest. [NPB Tracker]

--Man, do I dig those 1992 Bowman Pirate cards. Greatest. Poses. Ever. [We Should Be GMs]


From Jared in Charlotte:

"Thought you’d appreciate this picture of the band Firehouse. This is the actual photo used to advertise their upcoming show. Do you think Tim Couch on the right knew he was shooting a publicity photo that day? I can’t see how he picks that jersey if he did. Did some research and he’s only been in the band since 2004, so it’s not old enough to make sense unless they were the halftime show for Steelers/Browns & the guy on the right just bought the cheapest jersey he could find."

--Gotta watch this 20-second video of Colts fans before the Charger game. Yeah, that was cute. [Joe Sports Fan]

--And you really have to watch this video of the Ravens fans who's covered his entire house in Raven memorabilia. Scary. []

--Our favorite UPS guy got some good news: his competition (FedEx) will not be advertising during the Super Bowl. They blame the economy, I think it's sheer intimidation from the dryboard.

--Got to agree with the Wannstache: his handling of Greg Cross this year was a train wreck. [PG]


--Meet the man who's trying to collect the entire set of 1983 Fleer baseball cards. Here's the catch: he's trying to get every single one of them signed. Even crazier, he's already scored more than 400 of them. [Big League Stew]

--Does the '83 Fleer guy know that a signed '86 Fleer set is up for bid on eBay right now? That would save him some time should he have any future urges to continue his hobby. [eBay]

--And more Fleer-related mayhem...I recently stumbled upon this in my bookmarks after forgetting to link it a few weeks ago, but Billy Ripken finally broke his silence on the F-Face card. [CNBC]


--Classic conversation between a ref and Chucky Atkins captured on video. It's worth the 13 seconds. [NESW]


--Dave Dameshek counts down the best and worst team names. I see no Pittsburgh teams on this list, Mr. Dameshek. [710 ESPN]


--Everyone's seen the Shamwow by now. Here's pitchman Vince's newest item: the Slap Chop. [YouTube]

--And how about following that with a Shamwow parody? [YouTube]

--Here's a documentary about Beer Pong. Sadly, my pong days are in my rear-view mirror, although I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for the only game I can recall that involves a ball rolling around a filthy fraternity house floor going into a cup of beer that you'll then drink. [Lastcupmovie]


--ESPN is asking you to recreate scenes from Cool Runnings and Remember the Titans. Sure, let me get out my bobsled... [ESPN]

--Sign the petition for the live-action Thundercats movie. Now! []

--Andrew Dice Clay is coming to Greensburg. Like I said when Wu-Tang came to Millvale: Don't say I didn't warn you. [Triblive]

--So you're hangin' at Chuck E. Cheese, just enjoying a casual game of skee ball, and then...FIGHT! FIGHT! (Even better than the story are the 100+ comments afterwards) [Pennlive]

--And the inevitable follow-up story, complete with YouTube video of the fight and notation of the fact that the cops have been called to this particular Chuck E. Cheese 18 times in 2007. That's Chuck E. Cheese, where a kid can be a kid. And have a realistic shot at seeing a live fight. [Pennlive]


--The Top 10 worst performances by athletes as actors [Real Clear Sports]
--The 5 dirtiest foods [Shine]

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RedHawks Hockey said...

What an amazing list. That shamwow parody... I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time

BurressWithButterflywings said...

That KissingSuzyKolber post got my blood up for a minute, but I realized it was kind of funny after all.

And it really brought on the hate in the comments portion.

I guess I would be jealous if there were an abundance of bars in the 'Burgh that were for other teams' fans.

GM-Carson said...

I'm going to buy the complete set of 1992 Bowman Baseball Cards...fantastic!

Broke But Still Drinking said...

Chuck E. Cheese reveals newest slogan:

"Why whack-a-mole when you can punch-a-person."

Unknown said...

Lemmie get this straight... Jerome Bettis is a bad analyst for mispronouncing a backup RB's first name, twice?

Has Whitlock ever played Madden? Al Michaels has mispronounced TJ Hows-yer-momma's last name EVERY YEAR for the past 5 years!

Obivously, Al Michaels is like a heavy FB trying to be a QB....

Koz said...

The F-15 photo is one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time. Thanks for whoever made that happen.

Anonymous said...

The only ad worse than ShamWow is "The Snuggie."

And maybe

And oh yeah...

Thanks, Wanny, but my vote goes to Sunseri. Let's hope Stull transfers to IUP...where he belongs.

Anonymous said...


Bettis is awful on TV. Just plain AWWWWW-FUL.

He's so bad that his awfulness is only matched by that of Emmitt Smith.

The only positive to the Eagles' victory last wknd is that we get one more Sunday morning of Emmitt saying "Donovan MACK-nabb."

Anonymous said...

The Firehouse picture? The thing I find ironic is that the guy on the left is wearing a Steelers shirt, in stark contrast to the guy on the right, with the Browns jersey.