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Nearly everyone has an opinion on 105.9's Mark Madden. But like him or dislike him, there's one thing you can't take away: he's #1 in the new ratings book for the 18-35 demographic with a 10.7, topping every other station in the market.

When he came back in October after a sentence in radio jail, people questioned the sports/music fusion of Madden's current show (yes, even me, who wanted more Madden and less music). But obviously it must be working, because listeners have flocked back in droves. And that's what counts, especially to potential advertisers.

The format of Madden's new show is a bit different; listener calls are recorded, which is probably a good thing; "X music" replaces what would've been a regular SportsCenter update on his old station, ESPN 1250; but one thing remains the same: Mark is still Mark, as he proved this week when pointing out that Hines Ward might be overdoing it this week with his tales from the road of rehab. And Steeler controversies aside, there's no better source for Pens news than Madden.

What's curious is the lack of media coverage in light of the ratings. Locally, I haven't seen any positive stories about Madden's return, yet many outlets are quick to trip over themselves getting to their keyboard if/when Madden does something they don't agree with. Their reasons for how they cover Madden are just that - their reasons - but I don't think they're covering the guy fairly.

So what do you think? Being that we're discussing Mark Madden, I'm sure you have an opinion on his format, his coverage, his views, etc; I'd be interested to hear thoughts from your respective vantage points.

MARK MADDEN OUT AT 1250 [MH, 5/27/08]
Mark Madden [105.9 the X]

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Anonymous said...

The new show has no flow... I'm surprised it's pulling the ratings it has.

What'd you think of the new Bucco jerseys, Don?

BURGH08 said...

I was as big of a MM supporter as anyone on 1250, but I still can't listen to that format on the X. It also seems a lot more music than the 'sportscenter' updates. I'm also a bit surprised at the ratings because of lot of people in my circles didn't follow the format either, so maybe they picked up more that like it.

Probably the reason it's not getting the pub is A.) Smizik is retired and not replaced and B.)this time of year is anything but dead in the local sports world.

Unknown said...

Yeah I think that without his foil Smizik to analyze him we're just not hearing it.

SantoGold said...

Madden has that "I just ate my third Thanksgiving dinner of the day" look.

jmarinara said...

The new show format SUCKS, much like the radio station he is on. I generally catch him on my way home from work, and I have a good hour drive to listen.

But I usually end up only listening for 15 minutes or so. Between the awful music (and I'm a 27 year old musician) and the constant ads for sex clubs and other debauchery, and Madden's propensity to occasionally bring that on his show, I just don't care to listen that much.

My iPod and podcasts are more than sufficient to keep me company on the way home.

Sean said...

It's good to see that Mark Madden is in such great shape. I hope he never critcizes Casey Hampton!

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand how most of the stuff they play is considered music. It just sounds like angry people yelling with a background of musicians who have very little talent or creativity. It's a shame that this guy, who can be entertaining, has to ply his trade in radio hell. Of course there are many who would say that's right where he belongs.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand to hear the weazing when he breathes in. I don't remember this before, maybe FM picks it up better than AM.