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When Ryan Clark delivered this hit on Sunday, it not only shook recipient Wes Welker, but football fans around the world. "YouTube Classic" was casually thrown around when describing the bone-jarring play. But talk would then shift to the inevitable fine of Ryan Clark by the Grinches at NFL headquarters, which ruined everybody's good time. Except there was one problem: it was not an illegal hit.

Naturally, the next step in the process of keeping this story alive would be the inevitable interview of Welker, who has hopefully had enough time to clear the cobwebs out of his noggin. His reaction? I would describe it as very noble:

"I don't really expect him to. It's a football play," New England's leading receiver said Wednesday. "No sense in crying or whining about it. You just have to keep on moving on and get ready for the next week."

Welker looks to be OK and may play in the Pats' Sunday game at Seattle, which is great news. And by that I mean great news for me, because Welker is my top fantasy wide receiver, on a team loaded with gamebreaking social security-collectors like Isaac Bruce, Donald Driver, and Derrick Mason (yes, I really do have all three of those guys, and no, I'm not in first place).

By the way: Patriots fans, as you could've guessed, are not happy with the NFL's decision.

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Steve said...

I also like when asked if he saw him coming, Welker said "Did I look like I saw him coming?" Haha!

losloseeboy said...

That's an unsightly core of fantasy WRs.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

the comments section attached to that article is absolutely priceless.

A bunch of fairweather Chowderheads who probably didn't even know where Foxboro was prior to 2001 are crying conspiracy against the fighting Belicheats?

Really? Has anybody here noticed the change in officiating towards the Steelers since "Pansygate 2008"?

When was the last time a flag was thrown for one of a number of players holding Silverback?