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Sorry to interrupt the love-in between Pitt and Penn State fans in the post below, but we've got some business to take care of, most notably this week's ESPN podcast with Dave Dameshek.

This week, Dave explains the angry e-mails he received from Boston following our recent conversation proclaiming Pittsburgh's superiority as a sports town, and he also noted his disappointment in my not yet filling out an entry in his College Bowl Contest, which I promoted on my own site. Procrastination is not a good characteristic, folks.

As far as non-doghouse news, we talked Steelers in mass quantities, including a look back at the Baltimore game, an in-depth discussion on Frank Walker's saliva, my predictions coming true the last two weeks (and my desire to quit while I'm ahead), and a look ahead to tomorrow's showdown with the Titans, among other things. I think you'd enjoy it, but then again, I say that every week. That being said, I think you'd enjoy it.

To listen, visit the link below:

Mondesi's House/Dave Dameshek podcast 12/19/08

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