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Once again, we're joined by the talented Dewey Hammond, proprietor of Blogimore Ravens and Managing Editor of the rapidly-expanding Yardbarker network of sports blogs. He's also the guy who interviewed Terrell Owens and got the "If it looks like a rat and smells like a rat" quote in reference to Jeff Garcia. His resume also includes getting choked out by Frank Shamrock and beating Joey Chestnut in a beer-chugging contest. So he's more than qualified to tell you a little about his favorite team, the Baltimore Ravens. And now, in Dewey's words, Behind Enemy Lines: Steelers-Ravens:

Actually, we hate the idea of you. I'm sure that personally many of you are great people. But that doesn't mean we're going to pull punches. Even so, there will be plenty of black and gold at this weekend's game. Baltimore has a solid home-field advantage but maybe not as much as Pittsburgh does at home.

RAY RICE WON'T PLAY: Sources close to the team have said privately that Rice's shin injury will most likely keep him out of action. Willis McGahee has been a non-factor for most of the season. That leaves an awful lot in the hands of FB-turned-RB Le'Ron McClain and rookie QB Joe Flacco. I'm not sure that will be enough against Pittsburgh's D.

FORTUNATELY YOUR OFFENSE SUCKS: Maybe that's a stretch, but it's not a stretch to say that Pittsburgh relies on its D more than Baltimore does. How's that for irony. For the first time probably ever, Baltimore's team is more balanced.

SPECIAL-TEAMS ADVANTAGE: Despite the fact that Ravens head coach John Harbaugh has special teams in his blood, the Steelers have the decided advantage here. I say that without having watched too many of your games. Why? Because Matt Stover has been frighteningly unreliable this season. Fortunately for Baltimore, it looks as though weather won't be a factor in the kicking game; unfortunately, this helps both teams.

SURPRISNGLY THIS GAME ISN'T ALL THAT IMPORTANT: No matter what happens on Sunday, both teams will control their own destiny regardless. If the Steelers lose on Sunday but win their final two games, they will still win the division. If the Ravens lose on Sunday and win their final two games, they will still get a wild-card berth, which is what they're likely to get even with a win on Sunday.


You can catch my "Behind Enemy Lines" feature about the Steelers on Blogimore Ravens


HotDog_Zanzabar said...

You can tell that guy hasn't watched a steeler game when he gives the ravens the special teams advantage. What's our team net punting average this yearn 15 yards?

AJ said...

I think half of those Steeler fan photos he used in that top 10 list have already been used on this site.

Meanwhile, if you try to do a Google image search of a typical Ravens fan, it shows an empty stadium seat.

Beaselton Curtainwinkle said...

Lets be honest, if there was a Johns Hopkins lacrosse game going on at the same time, half the stadium would be empty on Sunday.