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Rather big football game coming up on Sunday, so let's get briefed on our Pittsburgh Steelers:

--Hines Ward fears no bounty. Not even if Bart Scott brings his hot sauce, Hines?

--In case you've forgotten, Mr. Ward and Mr. Scott have a bit of a history. Let me refresh your memory:

--Marvel Smith won't be back this week, Mitch Berger will be back this week, and Brett Keisel might be back this week.

--Mike Tomlin: "Mutual Respect"...Ravens: "Bounty".

--Willie, now is probably not the best time to lament the passing of Steeler football.

--J-Peezy, never at a loss for words, stands up for old teammate Plaxico Burress and his recent legal problems.

--Pacman Jones suffered a potentially career-ending neck injury against the Steelers on Sunday.

UPDATE...some late-breaking links:

--Forgot to mention that Najeh Davenport signed with the Colts, ending his Brian St. Pierre-esque run as an on-again, off-again Steeler.

--Great article on how the nation should embrace Steelers-Ravens as a huge rivalry. Here, here.

--Steelers #3, Ravens #5 in this week's cumulative power rankings. This one will be big with the voters.

--Jim Krenn and Randy Baumann's Gunslingers is up for this week, and as usual, it's top-notch.

--"Take all the qualifiers off Matt Ryan's brilliant year – it's the best rookie season at the quarterback position that we've ever seen. Period."

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HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Now Pacman won't have to worry about abiding by all those silly federal laws anymore.

How'd he hurt his neck? Did he turn his head real quick at Erotica?

Steve said...

Regardless of timing, at least Willie said what needed to be said. This team isn't good enough offensively to win enough playoff games, let alone the Super Bowl and it's the absence of a running attack, or even the threat of one that's the reason. The 1976 Steelers showed what a lack of a running game will get you, even with what many still consider the best defense ever.

I could maybe understand if the Steelers had a great passing game, but to go away from the run purposely and put the outcome of the game in a QB's hands that is leading the league in sacks is senseless and destined to fail. I guess Arains is still thinking he was responsible for Peyton Manning's evolution and can turn Ben into a pocket passer as well. Sorry Bruce...ain't happening.

I just pray that we do well enough in the playoffs that some foolish owner will pick up Arians for a head coach so we'll soon be able to look back on this brain fart period of Steelers football just as fondly as we do the Tommy Gunn era.