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The hits keep on coming for the Pitt Panthers, who officially joined the AP Top 20 this week following yesterday's regular season finale against UConn.

The 9-3 Panthers are currently 18th, trailing only Cincinnati (12th) as the highest-ranked Big East team. The Bearcats managed to escape Hawaii with a 29-24 win last night, scoring 19 points in the fourth quarter. And no, I didn't stay up until it ended sometime in the middle of the night, in case you were wondering.

The Penn State Nittany Lions finished the regular season sixth with an 11-1 record. They'll be headed to the Rose Bowl against 11-1 USC, who ended their campaign with a lopsided victory against UCLA on Saturday.

Pitt's Sun Bowl opponent, #24 Oregon State, wrapped up their business on November 29 with a 65-38 loss to rival Oregon. Based on that score,I'm guessing their defense bears little resemblance to, say, the Steelers' defensive unit, so we may be in for some offensive fireworks when the two teams meet on December 31.

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san_antonioholmes10 said...

Congrats on Pitt winning 9 games. Only took them 27 years since the last time. Correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't Penn State and their coach who pooped his pants (got it out there before your arguementless pitt fans could ala Rabbit (see: 8 mile)) had 9 or more wins 17 times since PItt's last 9 win season?

LOL Enjoy the Sun bowl

Someone Somewhere said...

Wow...good one.

Like going to the _______ Bowl means anything (none of them matter).

Hell, I remember the days of my youth freezing my ass off at Pitt Stadium with the dudes in front of me yelling: "grab your jacket Hackett!" 9, maybe 10 wins is pretty damn nice.

Oregon State is a very good team, don't let that Civil War score fool you. They jumped ALL over USC (who probably has just as much of a beef as Texas for not getting into the title game) in the first half and hung on in the end. Jaquizz Rogers is very very good...much like McCoy, he's just a -little- better than everyone else out there when he needs to be. Mike Riley always gets the Beavers ready for bowl games it should be a great game.

DarkHelmet said...

Pitt 12, psu 0.

Unknown said...

And enjoy getting stomped by USC in the Rose Bowl. I almost wish Penn St had gone undefeated (at least one team from PA beat Iowa this year!) just so they could have gotten clobbered by Oklahoma, further proving what a joke the Big 10 (11??) is.

Mr. Obvious said...

Huh, Justin? The BigEast is far lamer than the BigTen. And I'd say PSU loses to OU by 14....Pitt loses to OU by 35.

Honestly, the pressure is on Pitt. If PSU loses to USC, then its not that big of a loss... USC is legit....Oregon St. is not.....

Unknown said...

Your speculation about how badly Oklahoma would beat either Pitt or Penn State is just that. Regardless, neither team would come close to sniffing a championship.

And say whatever you want about the Big East. The Big Ten (well, Ohio State, to be fair) has made a complete mockery of the National Championship the past two years.

By the way, the Big East went 2-1 in bowl games last year, including WVU beating Oklahoma. The Big Ten went 2-3. You sure the Big East is "far more pathetic"?

nuthinhere said...

The Big Ten went 2-3

That wasn't Penn State's fault. They won there bowl game last year. Pitt will win there bowl game & so will Penn State (thats right, upset baby!!). I'm surprised with all the Big TenEleven/Big East is overrated talk that nobody has mentioned that the Pac 10 is way overrated.