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A few things to quickly get up to speed on...

--Ryan Whitney comes back tonight against the Lightning, as the Pens try to make it two in a row after a 4-3 win against Buffalo in OT last night. [Pittsburgh Penguins]

--The halftime entertainment for Pitt's Sun Bowl game has been announced: The Village People. I'm sure there's a joke here, but is it even necessary? []

--The Buccos are pursuing Rocco Baldelli, a 27-year-old OF who's suffered from extreme fatigue, not unlike Pirates fans who've watched their favorite team fail to crack .500 for 16 straight seasons.

In other Pirate news, Ty Wigginton is thankfully off their radar, while Jack Wilson looks to be returning in 2009. I'd probably feel worse for Wilson, but he will pocket $7.2 million while playing for a team with no expectations. There are worse situations in life. [PG]

--Check out the X's Everything Pens Page, which is currently featuring a very interesting article on one Sidney Crosby by resident Super Genius Mark Madden. [105.9 the X Pens Page]

--Mark also had a great piece on the late, great Dock Ellis [Beaver County Times]

--And finally, the Wu-Tang Clan is invading Millvale. Don't say you weren't warned. [Triblive]

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Reggie Dunlop said...

is wanny the construction worker or the indian chief?

Torture Porch said...

Now that the Pirates have surpassed the fictional team from "Major League" for sheer crappiness, let's get serious. I think the front office needs to call out the upper tier free agents to a challenge unlike no other: play baseball for league minimum in Pittsburgh and show what kind of player they really are. That's right, if you're so good, prove it. Come to the threshold of baseball HELL and turn this team around and do it for the love of the game! ESPN would go nuts! Nothing but feelgood story can come of this. Listening Barry Bonds? Kind of like a house getting wiped out from a tornado and celebrities come and fix it up for nothing. "Manny Ramirez signs a 4 year deal for $2.5 million dollars because he quote 'wants to do the right thing' unquote." Why hide behind other good players making millions? There is always going to be somebody better on a high payroll team. Anybody can standout in Pittsburgh!

Worstavid said...

Wu Tang Clan in Millvale? I never knew that area to be a melting pot of racial ethnicity...should be interesting to say the least.