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--Breaking news: the Pirates sign another international prospect....the Iraqi shoe thrower. [Bugs and Cranks]

--But seriously, the Pirates are now looking at utilityman Jerry Hairston and pitcher Daniel Cabrera. And (again, seriously), Ty Wigginton. [PG]

--Jason Michaels is now a former Pirate after joining the Houston Astros. His legacy includes a dramatic home run against the Cardinals on July 12 and a .224 average. [Houston Chronicle]

--Now to a team people care about: the Penguins, who might welcome back Ryan Whitney as early as December 23 against the Pittsburgh South Lightning. [Trib]

--Ravens coach John Harbaugh says he doesn't believe Frank Walker spit in the face of Mitch Berger, setting the stage for yet another storyline if the teams meet (which is very possible) in the playoffs. [ESPN]

--The Pitt Panthers are quietly off to a 10-0 start and ranked #3 in this week's poll. Yet they're somewhat of an afterthought in a world of Sidneys, Santonios, and Shadys. That will be corrected soon enough. [ESPN]

--In light of the recent Heisman ceremony, let's remember William Shakespeare (yes, that's his real name), the second runner up for the award in 1935 who was drafted by the Steelers but never played in an NFL game. [Wikipedia]

--Jim Boeheim and a microphone have it out after Syracuse's loss to Cleveland State. [NESW]

--Burger King is now selling meat-scented body spray. This immediately jumps to the top of my Christmas wish list. [Fast Food Maven]

--Lots of people enjoyed the Ironhead Heyward clips last week. So courtesy of "Cecil from Cecil", here's probably the best Ironhead clip out there.

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Someone Somewhere said...

Haha, my wife and I were watching that clip of the shoe-throwing media and I said to her: "maybe the Bucco's can ink that guy to a contract...he put some nice velocity on that shoe".

Unknown said...

I'll be the first to admit that Jeff Reed is a bit nutty, but I doubt he's the type to push around a professional NFL defender unless he sees something that REALLY drives him nuts.

Reed isn't going to push Walker unless there was spit. And I wouldn't put it past a Raven to do it.

Granted, I'm biased in that I hate the Ravens, but I hope to see Hines Ward throw a serious block on Walker...