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I've given weekly love to my alma mater (Washington & Jefferson College) and their run to a Division III championship this year. But it's time to mention another local school which arrives on a national stage this Saturday. I'm talking about the California (Pa) Vulcans, who take their act to ESPN Classic for a noon showdown with D-2's sixth-ranked University of Minnesota-Duluth in the NCAA Division II Semifinal.

The seventh-ranked Vulcans are coming off of a 27-24 road victory over Bloomsburg University in the Super Regional One Championship Game on Saturday. And you have to instantly respect any team that's won a game that has the word "Super" in it.

So hats off to the Vulcans, who are going on a full-blown media blitz today: coach John Luckhardt is appearing with Stan and Guy on ESPN 1250 this morning. WR Marcel Pestano (a former Pitt Panther) and CB Terrence Johnson (a Woodland Hills grad) will be appearing on Savran on Sportsbeat on FSN tonight. You'll be seeing more Vulcans than you would in the average episode of Star Trek.

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bohica said...

Thanks Raul. Class of 03 here. Lucky is the man. He is a winner and a hell of a recruiter so let's hope he sticks around.

And if there are vulcans reading the site, get your ass to the stadium and put on a good show for ESPN. Dr. Armenti probably put up money from his track suit fund to get the game at home.

I don't want to jinx it but I am planning a road trip to UNA should they finish this one. Go Vulcans.