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Some of the longtime Mondesi's House readers may remember a guy known only as "Adam the Penn State Fan". He fanned the flames of controversy many times in the comments sections of years gone by with unwavering support of all things nittany, then seemingly disappeared into thin air. At one point, he had become so big that he got his own "Adam the Penn State Fan" tag, a gift given only to Ronnie Florian and Gwenjen among Pittsburgh fans. He was a phenomenon, I tell you.

I'm happy to report that Adam is alive and well, and that all of you Pitt fans managed to, in his words, "get the blood going" once again with your comments following the recent Penn State story posted a few days ago.

He penned a response to the Penn State critics that was published on the PSU blog Black Shoe Diaries entitled, "Teach Them Once and For All", that I figured you would be interested in reading.

He takes the classic angle of a Penn State fan claiming to be indifferent to Pitt, then subsequently tells a story of how he dragged a Pitt fan to the PSU-Michigan game to illustrate (to a Pitt fan that he's indifferent to, mind you) the greatness of Penn State. Maybe it's just me, but if you're indifferent, wouldn't the proper course of action be ignoring Pitt altogether?

So check out his article. And if nothing else, celebrate the fact that Adam the Penn State Fan in back in our lives to stir the pot while remaining indifferent.

"Teach Them Once and For All" [Black Shoe Diaries]

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm glad to hear he's still living and breathing - I almost miss his rants in the comments section.

Rege said...
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AJ said...

After his moronic trade offers in the Mondesi's House fantasy football league a few seasons ago, I was hoping to never hear from him again.

okel dokel said...

Having Adam back in my blogging experience is the proverbial "turd in the punchbowl."

Now if you had announced that Louis Lipps is My Homeboy was back, I would be compelled to leave my parents basement and jump for joy.

Unknown said...

You have to give it to Adam...he's right. Pitt football cannot be compared to Penn State football. You play in a stadium decorated with another team's logo, while PSU continually packs 107,000+ fans into a stadium rich with tradition. Pitt's only recent claim to fame is that you ruined WVU's season...whoop de doo.

So go ahead and talk badly about "Adam the Penn State Fan" because he doesn't care...remember. Maybe they should rename that building on campus to "The Tower of Ignorance". Penn State fans don't need to call you all jagoffs, because you already know you are jagoffs.

Adam said...

Ahh...Billy V. Not the "Tower of Ignorance", its the "Height of Ignorance", ya know, because its really tall?

BURGH08 said...
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BURGH08 said...

Hey, I want to thank him for teaching me 'once and for all'

That the air is a 'mixture of manure and grill scents' there?


It's funny, but I don't see anywhere their own mascot was arrested just before that same Michigan State game.

Or the 61 Penn State members of the football team arrested since 2002. Where is the shrine for that?

Being a Pitt fan, nothing would impress me like a tour of where the volleyball teams in Happy Valley play. Thank God there wasn't a tour of the Cross Country trail-who could handle all of that athletic excellence?

Funny that you can see the Bryce Jordan Center from Beaver Stadium, but it wasn't mentioned? How could you pass up the basketball program that went 25-31 the past two years? I know, you probably didn't have time and wanted to get to your seat in time to watch the drum major and his 'flip'.

Your right. We Pitt fans are missing plenty that Penn State has to offer.

Thanks for the education.

Adam said...

Ahhh...yes, reactions like that to a post that did not even say a bad word about Pitt indicate how jealous you truly are. All I did was describe the things that I feel make Penn State great, and you responded with the some pretty derogatory stuff, from calling me a "turd in a punchbowl", to belittling the accomplishments of our athletic department's other teams, who work just as hard as the football players.


Rather than counter with the things that make Pitt great, you felt compelled to tear down Penn State. Stay classy Pitt.

Pete the Streak said...

What Adam quite elegantly stated were just some of the reasons that makes Penn State (in SI's words) 'The Greatest Show in College Football'. He didn't rip Pitt; he explained what makes the PSU football gameday atmosphere a truly enjoyable experience. Rip him if you must, but everything he said is spot on.

Ridiculing the men's and women's National Championship volleyball teams is juvenile at best. If you stop for just a second to think about how a central Pa. school can be a dual volleyball power, and hammer all those west coast schools, you'd realize it's a great accomplishment. It's also year in and year out - no one-hit wonder staus for these programs.

No, our basketball team is not dominant, and you'd be hard pressed to find any PSU fan that says that - or even that we're close to Pitt's equal. We're hoping to progress steadily toward being a top tier program, but we've got a ways to go. Pitt fans SHOULD be proud of their team, but shouldn't basketball arguments be made on b-ball posts?

I don't understand Mondesi's condescending attitude toward Adam taking his friend - a Pitt fan - to a Penn State game. Because they root for different teams, he should 'ignore' him? Very nice. I would hope Mondesi's circle of friends extend beyond Pitt fans, for his own sake.

Personally, I'd like to see the PSU / Pitt games resume, as long as it makes sense for Penn State and it's fans. I remember having to buy a 3 or 4 game Pitt 'ticket package' just to be able to watch the PSU/Pitt game, and that was the epitome of bush league. It's not PSU's fault that Pitt fans won't sell out their stadium in support of their team. Penn State fans not only sell out, but the waiting list for season tickets is probably a decade long.

We not only talk about our team - we actually support it.

Feel free to mock JoePa also. Sure, we'll smack talk back, but deep down, no PSU fan cares. What would Pitt fans give to be a part of what he's accomplished, and to have a legend associated with their school?

We can't wait to play USC. Win or lose, it's a tremendous opportunity that been earned on the field.

Penn State is impossible to describe to people that are not members of the 'family'. It's a pride that's literally worldwide, and we wouldn't trade it for anything.

Thanks, Adam - your description is great, and thanks for bringing your friend to share in it.

BURGH08 said...

The title is 'teach them once and for all'. If that's not juvenile, not to mention self serving, I don't know what is.

That's the problem with many Penn State fans. The football program is all it can cling to. Ignore the arrests, ignore the academic standards, yet claim you are indifferent to Pitt and it's fans.

Enjoy the volleyball though.

BURGH08 said...

By the way Adam, I love how you are giving posters on your story the 'play by play' of what Pitt fans are saying here, and what you said, etc.

Also love the 'I got your back Adam' replies.

What's next? Proposing a dance off?

Dallas Mike said...

I graduated from PSU (not a branch campus - because it offered my major) despite being a loyal and dedicated Pitt fan from birth. Pitt fans understand the pain. Comparing Pitt and PSU is like comparing apples and oranges. However, Adam's musings speak to someone with a limited perspective that has not experienced college football in other regions of the country. I have lived in Florida and Texas and traveled the entire Big12 region and can objectively say that the passion for college football in places like Norman and College Station runs much deeper than what I experienced in Happy Valley. Although Nebraska has been down recently, I can find at least 10 places in Dallas every Saturday with legions of Nebraska fans congregating for Husker watch parties. Adam, try attending an OU - Texas game one time and then write a puff piece on PSU. Your perspective might change.

jmarinara said...

"The crisp country air greeted us, a mix of manure and grill scents"

Yeah, I don't even need to make a joke out of that one. It's like a parody of itself. But the real point in my bringing it up is this . . .

So freakin what? I mean, it smells a certain way? Who cares?

"but he left with a clear understanding of what his school lacks. ((Pay attention to that word)) It lacks the sleepy college town."

Pittsburgh PA is one of America's great cities. I'm a small town guy from suburban Pittsburgh, with small town values and mentality etc etc., but I'll take Pittsburgh over almost any city in the country. As far as college football goes, park downtown, walk across the Clemente Bridge, past the ballpark, past the 8 world class museums, past all of the great culture and restaurants. Soak it all in. What a great city.

"It lacks the mammoth football stadium on campus, routinely filled to capacity."

Well, I'll give you that 'filled to capacity' thing. Gotta give PSU that one. But the mammoth football stadium on campus?? Again. . . who cares?? We play in an NFL stadium, one of the best NFL stadiums in the country. At least 95 of the 119 (or whatever it is) Division 1-a College teams would give up 5 years of top recruits to say that.

"It lacks the beautiful natural enviornment."

And you guys lack the point, the skyline, and Mount Washington. Every place is going to have it's positives and negatives. If you like the natural thing, great. Doesn't make it better or worse than a city environment.

"It lacks the electricity of 110,000 people who live for Saturday afternoon. "

No, but it doesn't lack the electricity of 45,000 - 60,000 people. Especially when WVU is in town, or we're closing the game out on Iowa, or when McKillop finally returns an interception for a TD even in a blowout.

"If you really want to win an argument with a Pitt fan, point to the passion of our fanbase before you rattle off a single statistic. The bowl wins, the championships, the all-time greats are all things to cherish, but the fact that our school epitomizes what college football is supposed to be like is the most important thing of all."

And this is why I hate Penn State fans. I don't hate PSU, I don't hate Paterno. I'll be rooting that PSU beats USC, really! (I mean if PSU loses, it won't ruin my day, but I'd rather they win) But for the love of all things good and pure, if you are going to debate who has the better football team, then debate who has the better football team. Don't debate how many fans, the stadium, the rankings, or whatever. Debate football. PSU makes a good arguement if only they will make it.

I know I'm in the minority in this one, but I hate all of the crap surrounding college football. The band, the majorettes, the pep rallies. It seems just so dumb to me. I want to see football, good old fashioned football. That is all I'm into.

And this a separate issue . . .

But why is it exactly that you won't play Pitt anymore? Really, do you think that anyone cares that you beat Coastal Carolina, or Michigan State, or Indiana? For the longest time this season, I kept saying "why does anyone think PSU is good?" Going into OSU and beating them said a lot about your team, and congrats on that, you deserve the Rose Bowl.

But good grief, you couldn't have fit Pitt into your worthless non-conference schedule somewhere? Or did you just get tired of rivalry games? For people so wrapped up in tradition you'd think you'd want to keep one of the most popular rivalries going. Guess not.

Adam said...

To both Mike and Jason: You make respectable points, so I'll answer you, because you're taking the discussion beyond the typical name calling and pissing matches I've embroiled myself in with Pitt fans on this site in the past.

First to Dallas Mike:
I'm well aware of the passions of other fans in other parts of the country, but we're not talking about them. We're talking about Pitt's atmosphere vs. Penn State's, and anyone whose been to State College on a gameday knows there is nothing else like Penn State in the Northeast.

To Marianna:
-I, like you, am born and raised in the Pittsburgh suburbs. I don't have a bad thing to say about the city. We've got a lot of stuff to be proud of. That said, though, I can get that stuff everyday. Pittsburgh doesn't stop for a Pitt game like State College does. On Saturdays in the fall, all that matters is Penn State football, and having a good time in Happy Valley. You just don't get that here for college sports.

-When Pitt Stadium came down, a huge chunk of Pitt's tradition came down with it. The great programs don't leave their homes for nicer, comfier ones, they add onto them. Beaver Stadium, The Shoe, The Big House, Notre Dame Stadium, on and on. These places epitomize college football. Heinz Field might be more comfy, or have better sight lines, but, it lacks the soul and tradition of those ancient cathedrals of football.

-I'll give you the point and the skyline. But for me, the escape to some place different is what makes Penn State special. Home is great, but Happy Valley on a Saturday in the fall is what I live for.

-I checked Pitt's attendance prior to the WVU game. The average was 33,315. 20,000 people showed up for the AAAA WPIAL title game between Bethel Park and Gateway. Excuse me if I fail to feel the electricity.

-If you want to talk football, there is no argument for Pitt football at the present, or even the recent past. Pitt is looking for their first 9 win season since 1982. Penn State has already locked up their 17th. Paterno is 24-7-1 against Pitt. Penn State has 2 conference titles in four seasons. Penn State has one three straight bowl games, and has earned berths in January Bowl games for 3 of the last 4 seasons. There. I made the argument. Match it.

-And the classic, why don't we play Pitt? Penn State, in my opinion, can't afford to lock into a long term annual home and home with the Panthers. Because of our need for 7 home games to keep our athletic department self sufficient from the university (that means we don't take a dime of tax payer dollars for sports), Pitt would have to be the marquee OOC game on our schedule EVERY SEASON. We'd be unable to play the Notre Dames, the Alabamas, and Nebraskas of the world. If Pitt vs. Penn State is ever renewed, it will not be a 30 year deal like Michigan has with Notre Dame. It will be a home and home. We're booked through 2016 with our home and homes, so if Pitt wants to have it happen before then, they're going to have to accept a 2 for 1 to do it, simply because we HAVE TO HAVE 7 HOME GAMES. If Pitt thinks they're above that, which for the record I feel they are, then they need to shut their mouths.

jmarinara said...

Hi Adam,

Nice to talk to someone else who isn't interested in name calling and the like.

You said:

"When Pitt Stadium came down, a huge chunk of Pitt's tradition came down with it. The great programs don't leave their homes for nicer, comfier ones, they add onto them. Beaver Stadium, The Shoe, The Big House, Notre Dame Stadium, on and on. These places epitomize college football. Heinz Field might be more comfy, or have better sight lines, but, it lacks the soul and tradition of those ancient cathedrals of football."

Yeah, we really do miss Pitt Stadium. Believe me, every Pitt Fan worth his salt misses the place. Nonetheless, you can't deny that Heinz Field is pretty sweet. Give it another 15 years, with maybe a dozen 9-12 win seasons. We'll have atmosphere to spare. And yes, with the recruiting classes we seem to be getting these days, it's actually possible for that to happen.

"I'll give you the point and the skyline. But for me, the escape to some place different is what makes Penn State special. Home is great, but Happy Valley on a Saturday in the fall is what I live for."

Ok man, I'm glad you're happy with it and it's nice you've found something you like. I just don't think it's fair to say that Pitt doesn't have a certain atmosphere or surroundings that are unique and equally cool. That's all. Not knocking State College.

"I checked Pitt's attendance prior to the WVU game. The average was 33,315. 20,000 people showed up for the AAAA WPIAL title game between Bethel Park and Gateway. Excuse me if I fail to feel the electricity."

Yep, attendance is a problem. I'm not going to fight you on that one. But, remember who you're dealing with here. They play in a city with two of the most recognizable pro teams in all of pro sports. People only have so much money and so much time. Frankly, I choose Pitt Football because of the value over the Steelers or Pens. (I am a season ticket holder to the Panthers and Pirates). Other people make different decisions.

Nonetheless, you can't deny that there is a devoted fanbase. Not as big as PSU, no, but as devoted. . . absolutely. The fact that we're up at 1 in the morning debating this with you should tell you that.

As for the football arguements:

Yes, recently, it's not been real good. And we hate that, believe us.

One thing I hate about PSU fans is the "PATERNO is 24-7-1 against Pitt". It's like your whole argument is wrapped up in Paterno. PSU is 50-42-4 all time. Yes, a winning record, but not nearly as impressive. A large part of our dominance was in our glory years of the 40's and the 70's. To ignore that aspect of Pitt Football would be like ignoring Paterno with PSU.

Again, recently, PSU has had more success. But talk to me when you have 9 national championships. Ok?

And as far as great players, for every Franco Harris and Jack Hamm (great players. . . GO STEELERS!!) in the world, there are just as many Dan Marinos, Tony Dorsetts, and Mike Ditkas. And for every Paul Pozenelly (excuse spelling) there is a Larry Fitgerald. Admit it, as far as great individuals go, we're neck and neck.

As for the PA Classic:

If you are so worried about your 7 home games, you should have stayed independent instead of joining a conference that forces you to play the likes of Northwestern, Illinois, and Indiana. Pah-leeze. The Big Least may suck (but it didn't always, the rug kinda got pulled out from beneath us if you know what I mean), yes, but the Big Ten is the most over rated conference in human history. If your fan base is so rabid about tradition and all that college football pageantry, you'd think you'd want to keep the greatest rivalry (yes, even greater than the backyard brawl) in the north alive and well. If Alabama joined the Big Ten, do you honestly think they'd cancel the Iron bowl? Come on man.

It's totally unreasonable to ask a large school like Pitt to put themselves at a disadvantage by playing two games away from home for every one game they play at home. PSU is being unreasonable, not Pitt being "above it".

Again, I have a tremendous amount of respect for PSU. And please, by all means, make our state proud against those california pretty boys. I just wish all of you would begin to understand that our program has a lot to offer too.

P.S. You guys also really need to get a handle on the crime issue at PSU. It's going to hurt your program in the long run. For goodness sake, even the mascot is drunk! For the record, I know you aren't WVU where they take pride in being garbage (really, go to a game there, it's despicable), I know you guys are in general, good folks who hate seeing that kind of thing. But really man, it's starting to become a problem, a problem Pitt does NOT have, and hasn't really had much of . . . ever. Not gloating, just a friendly comment.

Nice talking with you.

nuthinhere said...

This is why I miss the Penn State/Pitt game. The bitter arguments and raging scorn. I'm a PSU fan and I miss hating Pitt. I actually root for Pitt now and then. Weird. I moved away from Western PA 21 years ago, so I've been away from the rivalry. Its not quite the same in DC.

Pete the Streak said...

Jason, I don't doubt at all that the Pitt fanbase is very devoted. It's the small numbers of people that are willing to actually show up that surprises me. Where in the world are the students?

Before switching to a class-staggered buying system, PSU sold out their 22,000 student section in just 58 minutes 2 years ago. That, my friend, is a devoted student fanbase.

In a stadium with a capacity of nearly 110,000, the season ticket wait list (as I mentioned before)for fans and alumni is nearly 10 years. For Pitt to average less than 35K per game is puzzling, at best. Where IS everyone?

As I said, I LOVED those season ending games with Pitt, until I was forced to buy that absurd 'ticket package' thing. It's almost as if Pitt was thinking "How can we keep folks from attending our games?". Well, they found it, and it appears to be working still. That's why I don't understand AT ALL why Pitt wouldn't agree to a 2 for 1 home series with PSU. Pitt would make more $ as a visiting team to Happy Valley twice, with a home sellout every third year. Their fans could watch their team on TV the other 2 years, just as it seems they're doing now.

I wish it could happen, but it doesn't look good.

BURGH08 said...

First of all, nobody put a gun to your head to buy the tickets. I have had to make contributions for tickets, pay PSL's, etc. You either pay for them, or don't. Just don't come across like a bitch and say you were 'forced'.

Second, I have family that are Penn State and LSU grads. We even would have family reunions around at the PSU/Pitt games. When we all have the 'give and take' discussions, I can never recall 'attendance' or 'atmosphere' being discussed.

I honestly think issues like this are not brought up by "Penn State fans", but people that have so little to cling to in their personal lives and careers that being a "Penn State fan" is what makes them feel a part of the planet.

That's why a guy like Adam needs to write an article, and pawn for attention from folks like him. That's why people like him have to say 'I got your back', etc.

We all as sports fans have a sense of pride when 'our team' is successful. That said, we all know the types that take it to a height of disturbance.

Apparently that is Adam's reputation here, and many like him.

Adam said...

You're right. All I have to cling to are my guns, religion, and Penn State football because I live such a pitiful, shallow existence.

Adam said...

Seriously man, what kind of statement is that? Nothing to cling to in my personal life? You don't even know me!

Just because I love the atmosphere of Penn State doesn't make me some kind basement dwelling loser. I was at the Coyboys-Steeler game today, and as good a game as it was, I had a hard time getting as into it as a PSU game because even a Steeler game (yea I said it) doesn't compare to Penn State.

There was no need for a personal shot like that.

BURGH08 said...

Your proving my point, and your shallowness and thin skin is showing.

Maybe you would have had a better time at the game if you brought some manure. Maybe a drum major before the coin flip?

Pete the Streak said...

Jeez. A couple folks start having a nice discussion, and then the Burgh stumbles in and vomits all over everything. Nice.

Bitter? Table for one?

BURGH08 said...

Is this the same 'Pete the Streak' that posted "I've got your back" in the comments section of his article?

That would be exhibit B.

BURGH08 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pete the Streak said...

One and the same, Burgh. Like I said, PSU is family. You wouldn't understand.

Burgher - you want fries with that?

BURGH08 said...

....and like I said, I actually have 'family' that are Penn State grads and fans that find your way of thinking sad and a bit disturbed.

Hey, the world is full of chiefs or indians, or in your case...sheep.

More power to you.