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--Rather large hockey game tonight in Detroit. Time to break out your Hossa Penguins jersey, which is now considered a throwback. [PG]

--Why does Dan Rooney fall for Barack Obama? Gene Collier has your answer. [PG]

--After all these years, why can't Ike Taylor catch a football? That's a good question. [Mark Madden]

--Sergei Gonchar's injury is one of the costliest in sports. [Yahoo! Sports]

--Have you seen the 309-pound high school quarterback? [Deadspin]

--And along the lines of hefty athletes, here's the 10 greatest fat guy moments in sports. [on205th]

--Wondering what Rowdy Roddy Piper's been up to? Wonder no more. [TMZ]

--Get familiar with Bobby Jindal, the 37-year-old Indian American governor of Louisiana who might be the new face of the Republican party. [Yahoo! News]

--Here's 5 notably terrible sports video games. You're saying Kurt Warner's Arena Football was terrible?

--It's the top 16 sports movie villains of all time. Any list with Ivan Drago is a good list. [Uncoachable]

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1 comment:

Steve said...

It's a great shame that the Steelers Nation will lose some fans because Rooney didn't vote for their guy. But seriously, I'm glad they're gone, I'd hate to someday find myself having a beer with one of those scarier than hell "I'm going to burn everything I own now" freaks. At least most of them are in states far enough away that they won't hit me when they start shooting all the Socialist-Commie-Liberals with their fine collection of assault rifles.