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--Who's the dirtiest player in the NFL? I can tell you that a certain Steeler is in the discussion. [ESPN]

--The Pirates are trying new avenues of scouting. And by "new avenues", I mean South Africa. [PG]

--Somebody says Penn State will be in the BCS Title Game! And even better, Pitt's going to be in the Poinsettia Bowl! [CBS Sportsline]

--Alex Ramirez played in 43 games for the 2000 Pirates, and I can honestly tell you I have no memory of any of them. But he did just win a Japanese World Series game with a ninth-inning home run. [Can't Stop the Bleeding]

--Counting down the 10 best sports fan riots... [on205th]

--Here are the top 10 moments of the 2008 baseball postseason. One former Pirate made the cut. [Yahoo! Big League Stew]

--Spiderman 4 has a Pulitzer-Prize winner writing the script. I guess you can spare no expense when your last movie did $890 million worldwide. [FilmDrunk / Box Office Mojo]

--The Simpsons, already 20 years young, just signed on for three more seasons. They're the Brett Favre of television. [Yahoo!]

--Big weekend for Pittsburgh's own Zach and Miri, with a $10.7 million, 2nd-place debut. [Yahoo!]

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