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PENGUINS (9-4-2) 7
RED WINGS (9-2-3) 6


When the 2008-09 Pittsburgh season is complete, we might look back on November 11, 2008 as the turning point (much like we looked back on the importance of November 22, 2007's emotional win over Ottawa last season). It's not often that you can surrender six goals to anyone and win, but when you surrender six goals, on the road, in Detroit, against the defending Stanley Cup Champions, in's pretty special. Tonight was simply an incredible game from any point of view.

The story of this contest will and should be Jordan Staal, who scored more goals (three) than he scored all season prior to this game (two). Channeling the Spirit of Max Talbot, he dramatically tied the game at six with 23 seconds left in regulation, and he later assisted Ruslan Fedotenko on the game-winner at 3:49 of overtime. I'm sure this will get the fans off of his back for a few hours.

Even more encouraging was the strong showing by the Pens in the third period and in OT, where they combined to outshoot the Wings 20-8. For those of you who've casually followed the Penguins this season, let's say that they haven't exactly been strong finishers.

And for those of you following the Marian Hossa storyline, the one-time Penguin had two assists to go along with a (-2). The Wings' offense was evenly distributed among six goal scorers; Henrik Zetterberg led the way with seven shots on goal.

We'll discuss this at greater length on Wednesday, but for now, we should sit back and relish a big early-season victory in one of the most exciting regular-season hockey games you'll witness in a lifetime. True, it counts just as much in the standings as a win over a bottom-dweller, but emotionally, this could be a major stepping-stone for the still-jelling 2008-09 Pittsburgh Penguins.

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Koz said...

I have no doubt that Jordan Staal reads Mondesi's House.

Holy shit.

johnny said...

Koz, how does that crow taste? Seriously, I hope that Staal turns it around with a vengeance now, if only so my #11 t-shirt won't be irrelevant.

Koz said...

The best part about it is I've been sitting on that for a while now... and I started writing it and he scored on the Island. Then it gets posted and he has a career game.


Too bad I didn't post something like that prior to Game 6 of last year's final. I didn't know I had these powers.

Anonymous said...

Staal is so puzzling. He looked like Mark Friggin' Messier out there tonight! Here's hoping he doesn't go M.I.A. for the next 30 games.

Either way, this was an all-timer for the Pens. Nice to shove it right up Detroit's ice.

Paul Rupp said...

Holy crap.

Steve said...

I guess I'm eating crow now too and we may have to keep Staal after all, just so we can beat Detroit if we make it to the Finals again.

Seriously, I think we'll still have to unload him regardless and the better he plays makes it even harder to keep him as a third line center, but on the brightside, we'll be able to get more for him.