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It's Wednesday, so you know what that means: it's time to vote. As always, I've picked out a few hot-button Pittsburgh sports issues, plus a final question to get you prepped for a "real" vote. As always, vote responsibly.


pittsburghNation said...

Long time reader first time posting. A couple things about about the polls. I have always wanted to see the Steeler receiver routes when Ben gets sacked. I don't think it is always Bens fault he holds the ball too long, I think sometimes the receivers don't run good routes and get open quick. Also I think Stall is untouchable as of right now because he is 20. He should be in college not a professional hockey player. That said, Fedatanko and Sykora to me are good trade bait. Fedatanko is unimpressive and Sykora is petrified of getting hit. They are as expendable as Armstrong/Christianson but this time a number 1 draft pick doesn't have to leave. Maybe I just miss Hossa too much.

Sean said...

It's funny that you asked about the Monday night game affecting voter turnout. I voted early in Virginia since I'm attending the Steelers-Redskins game on Monday night and know that I'm going to struggle to wake up and get to work on Tuesday let alone vote.