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DEVILS (2-0-1) 2
PENGUINS (1-1-1) 1
FLEURY: 49 SHOTS, 47 SAVES (96%)

The Pens' 2008-09 home opener had somewhat of a bittersweet feel last night; there were good times, like officially welcoming back the defending Eastern Conference champions, our first look at a set of beautiful new banners, and witnessing an incredible performance by Marc-Andre Fleury, who saved a career-high 47 shots.
Unfortunately, there were also some bad times, which included being outshot 49-15, a late Patrik Elias goal to tie the score at one, and an incredible Zach Parise goal with 37 seconds left in OT to end it.

Game Notes:
--Power play is at 7.1% through three games. A little room for improvement there.
--Please don't blame their play on the Sweden trip. It obviously wasn't bothering MAF.
--Lots of hockey still to be played. Hang in there.
--The Pens also introduced individual banners for "NHL MVP" and "NHL Scoring Leader". I thought those awards had names?
--Staal and Malkin assisted on the Satan goal. No points for 87, although he did have more DVDs released than anyone else in the league this week.
--Pens outhit the Devils 24-20. That's smash-mouth Pittsburgh hockey for you.
--17,132 at the Arena last night, which is 101% of capacity for those of you scoring at home. The state of the economy obviously doesn't affect Pens fans.
--Eric Godard threw down with Mike Rupp...

--Fantastic cover to the SI hockey preview issue:

--And in other league news, America's most famous hockey mom, Sarah Palin, dropped the puck in front of a warm Philadelpha crowd:

--Speaking of the Flyers, they bring their act to town on Tuesday. The puck drops at 7:30. Sarah Palin is not expected to drop the first puck.


Unknown said...

Changing the banners from the Cup wins could be the same kind of blunder as going to the pigeon logo in the first place.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

I'm sure dave dameshek loves smashmouth hockey

Anonymous said...

Gil didn't impress in that fight.