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--Taping my podcast with Dave Dameshek at 4 PM today. Be sure to click back later tonight for the audio link.
--We also have Koz's Penguin Preview Extravaganza ready to go and up in a little bit. That's two reasons to check back.
--G-Dubya just signed the bailout! Happy financial times will be here again. I hope. [Yahoo!]
--Highly-touted Janne Pesonen just got sent to Wilkes-Barre, surely disappointing at least one blogger we've come to know recently. [PG]
--Two members of the Jags' secondary might miss the Sunday-nighter with the Steelers. Now all they need is injuries to their top two running backs, defensive end, nose tackle, and guard. [PFT]
--Steve "Is Live" Braband features an injured Steeler fan who was recently bit by a monkey. [Steve is Alive]
--Steelers move up to #6 in this week's cumulative power rankings. Hey, as long as they qualify for a BCS bowl... [Real Clear Sports]
--South Park is cast using NFL personalities; it's a must-click. [World of Isaac]
--Cedric Benson, Chris Henry, Tank Johnson, and Pacman Jones will all be on the same field at the same time this Sunday. May God have mercy on us all. [The Money Shot]
--Here's an argument for Mario as the second best hockey player of all time. [Sixty Feet, Six Inches]
--So what NFL team does Sarah Palin support? And a better question, as Sean points out: who jogs while wearing a football jersey? [Sean's Ramblings]

--Don't forget the big Kimbo Slice-Ken Shamrock contest tomorrow night. [Epic Carnival]
--A woman is accused of being disorderly in public -- while wearing a cow suit. []

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Vince said...

Janne will be back...