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I've received this link approximately 1,752 times since the story was posted (OK, maybe that number's a little high, but it has been frequently submitted), so let me now share it with you:
It reads like something I would've written, and includes a lot of facts that I have mentioned in support of the cause in past posts. So if you're down with the Pro-Big Ben grassroots campaign, I highly suggest you click the link.
By the way: shame on all of us for not making a bigger deal out of Ben's 100th career TD pass on Monday night.

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Unknown said...

You know that part in the movie "Clerks" after Randal finds out that Dante's girlfriend, Veronica, fellated 37 separate guys, and, to Dante's chagrin, Randal proceeds to make a repeated slurping sound when Veronica walks into the Quick Stop?

...I hear that sound in my head every time Mondesi writes about Roethlisberger. Very unsettling.