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STEELERS (3-1) 23
RAVENS (2-1) 20

HOLMES 3-61, 1 TD
It was a costly win, but a win nonetheless, as the Steelers rallied from a 13-3 deficit to defeat the Baltimore Ravens, 23-20, in an overtime war of attrition at Heinz Field last night.
The dominant storyline this morning is the long list of injuries suffered at the hands of Ray "Look at ME!" Lewis and Company. The most prominent injuries belong to guard Kendall Simmons and RB Rashard Mendenhall, who were both lost for the season. RB Carey Davis left with an ankle injury and will miss an undisclosed amount of time. LB Andre Frazier was taken from the field on a stretcher, and LB Keyaron Fox also left the contest early. I'm happy to report that Frazier did not suffer any serious injuries and will be OK.
The first half was difficult to watch, to say the least. The Ravens held a 13-3 lead after two quarters, and the Steelers could not get anything going on offense. Most Steeler fans can probably agree with me that they were ready to hit the mute button on their TV after listening to Ron Jaworski, who was practically carving Joe Flacco's Canton bust through the first 30 minutes of the game. He got so carried away that he changed the pronunciation of the guy's name to "Flocko" mid-game.
Luckily, the Steelers remembered that their QB was pretty decent in his own right, taking the shackles off of Ben Roethlisberger after an animated halftime outburst by the captain. Said Big Ben: "I was tired of being booed," Roethlisberger said, "I was tired of being embarrassed on offense. I told the guys that. I said, 'There's no need for it.' "
It was going to the no-huddle in the third quarter that changed the Steelers' fortunes and ended a streak of eight quarters without a touchdown. Of course, a personal foul by an overzealous Raven can never hurt, either. But when you're struggggling, as Joe Namath would say, you take what you can get.
A few seconds later, the mighty Flacco was stripped of the ball, resulting in a second Steeler touchdown. Lamarr Woodley scooped up the football after a James Harrison sack, and all of a sudden, the Steelers had the lead.
That lead would last for all of five minutes, until Ravens RB Le'Ron McClain found the end zone to tie the score at 20. After a bizarre coin flip, the Ravens went nowhere fast on offense, and the Steelers used a 24-yard pass to Mewelde Moore to set up the consistent Skippy Reed for your game winner. Enjoy the trip back to Charm City, Ray-Ray.
As for the Steelers, another national TV game looms next Sunday night, this time at Jacksonville. Since I'm mentioning it, does anyone else miss the old 1 PM Steeler games as much as I do?
The Steelers then get a much-needed bye week to recover, followed by a trip to Cincinnati and a home meeting with the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants.
Baltimore's next four weeks include a home game against undefeated Tennessee, at Indy, at Miami, and home vs. Oakland.
Game Notes:
--ESPN's James Walker, one of the few national writers who appears to support the Roethlisberger cause like we do, said Ben "willed the team to victory" last night.
--James Harrison is Mr. Monday Night. After last year's one-man wrecking crew performance on MNF against the Ravens, all he managed to do last night was notch 11 tackles and 2.5 sacks, including the sack which resulted in the Steelers' second touchdown.
--Mike Prisuta mentioned on WDVE this morning that Heath Miller would've been the next RB if something happened to Mewelde Moore.
--The Steelers will definitely sign a running back this week, and the available names include Najeh Davenport (who seems to make the most sense), Shaun Alexander (who's probably finished), Tatum Bell (who might take your luggage), and Cedric Benson (who brings a lot of baggage). Plus, I'd guess that RB Gary Russell would be signed from the practice squad.
--The Steelers allowed three sacks of Big Ben, bringing his season total to 16 through four games and putting him on pace for 64.
--That's 14 home Monday-nighter victories in a row for the Steelers, dating back to 1991. Neither Cowher nor Tomlin has ever dropped the ball in this category.


HotDog_Zanzabar said...

The only thing I don't miss about the 1pm games are the 1pm announcers

bohica said...

How much more of Bruce Arians' nonsense are we going to have to take?

And, I never wish injury on someone (well, except Tom Brady and Dane Cook) but Kendall Simmons as atrocious.

We will finally see why everyone is hyped about Darnell Stapleton.

Shaun Alexander? Why not.

godohoky said...

What impressed me most about last night was that Ron Jaworski could suck Flacco's dick so well without even knowing his name. I hope for the rest of his career he is called Joe Flocko.

Koz said...

Flacco was playing beyond expectations and looked much better than Ben for most of the game. Be fair and balanced, Stiller fans.

I don't think it was so unreasonable for them to focus on him. If the Ravens win that game, scoring 20+ points, he's the story of the game, without question.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Koz, do you disagree for the sake of disagreeing? I'm noticing a trend with you

bored@work said...

Then maybe the announcers shouldn't tell the "story" of the game until it ends. Kornheiser is ruining the games for me. Always worried about the talking points and the "story" of the game. Tell us was going on on the field. Try and get a relevant sideline report.

D. C. said...

Post Gazette just reported that Davenport was brought in this morning.

Unknown said...

It just baffles me why Heath Miller isn't getting more involved in the play calling. I'm clearly blinded by my out and out respect for the guy, but give him the ball more! I know it's not as easy at that and he needed to handle blocking , but it is hard to take. We are going to lose him and that will really tick me off.

getfreshdesigns said...

Maybe Ben stepped up at halftime because of his 100 million dollar contract. Got real sick of hearing that last night too.

I so miss the 1pm games. I'll Ian Eagle anyday, the guy can call a game.

Koz said...


No, but I probably am more likely to comment when I disagree.

I try to see through home-town bias and I call it like I see it.

Watching that game, I was impressed with Flacco and didn't mind the focus on him. It's not new that national broadcasters cling to a story or two during games. Pens fans are the recipients with Crosby and NHL fans everywhere bitch about it, but you know what? He's a big story everywhere he goes.

Similarly, Madden is always drooling over Hines Ward and no Steelers fan ever seems to complain.

Take the good, take the bad. Take them both and then you have...

Dallas Mike said...

Take it easy on Flacco Mondesi. He can't control the press and he did play pretty well. I can remember Walt Harris telling everybody that Flacco could play only to be chastised by Pitt fans after giving him a few series in a Nebraska game. Seems the fans wanted Palko the hometown kid instead of Flacco. Don't blame Flacco for leaving to get his chance. He made the most of his opportunity.

bohica said...

Ian Eagle is underrated but he is no Gus Johnson. Anyone is better than Nantz/Simms.

I also agree that Heath Miller is going to leave. He and Timmons are going to rot away until Tomlin steps in and starts overruling Arians and LeBeau. After the last couple of weeks, one would think that will be sooner rather than later.

okel dokel said...

I crave for some 1pm games; the prime time yutzes are hard to take.

This team is pretty something, and it isn't good.

The coaching on both sides of the ball is baffling.

I guess it is good that we are in the AFC North.

AJ said...

I'm glad that somebody else thought that the coin flip was messed up. It looked like the ref just sort of dropped it.... there was no actual flip involved at all.

I miss 1pm games too... there is nothing worse than suffering through a Cinci/Cleveland/Baltimore 1pm game that the local affiliate shoves down your throat.

Unknown said...

Steelers only have 5 1pm games all season. I really miss watching the games at 1pm. If they continue to play like this, you can bet next season they will be playing all most of their games at 1pm and not on prime time.

Where has Heath Miller been? He needs to pull a TO and ask for the ball more.

Koz said...

it was a coin "float"

Anonymous said...

Good news...we don't have to worry about the Steelers signing Cedric Benson. The team voted most likely to sign Benson...did...the Bungles.

Unknown said...

I live six hours ahead of Pittsburgh... I REALLY miss the 1pm games.

Anonymous said...

"The only thing I don't miss about the 1pm games are the 1pm announcers"

I agree! The CBS announcers suck!!

Give Miller the damn ball!