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It's a major day in Pittsburgh; one that we thought might never happen. But the Pirates and Scott Boras somehow agreed to terms and finally signed a contract, thus ending one of the uglier MLB drafts sagas in league history.

Coincidentally, or maybe not, the PG celebrated Alvarez's signing by placing a totally relevant photo gallery of "House of Horrors" to the immediate left of the Alvarez photo above in their online sports section. I mean, you can say the crowd at PNC is lifeless and only there for the fireworks, but that's kinda cruel. They are paying customers.

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bohica said...

Well, the Yankees don't have to look far to find A-Rod's eventual replacement.

All this for a guy who will never live up to the hype and never get out of the doghouse that he put himself in by standing by and doing nothing all this time.

Give me a break. Go Rays.