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--The Steelers are on pace for 64 sacks. That would be great if we were talking about the defense, but unfortunately, they're on pace to allow 64 sacks. [PG]
--The Chargers beat the Jets, 48-29, on MNF last night. Brett Favre gunslung two interceptions (one for a TD) in the loss. [ESPN]
--Cowher Watch: now the Jets fans want him. But he's already going to coach the Chiefs and the Browns! []

--I've been saying that the Steelers need to throw the ball to Willie Parker, and here's a great article in support of that theory. [Post Game Heroes]
--What the heck happened to the Steelers' offensive line? DJ Gallo goes to the Steeler sidelines for some answers. []
--The Raiders are imploding, and now they're challenging reporters too! With video! [Deadspin]

--A guy in a hockey mask tried to scare some kids in the woods, so they shot him. Oh, Johnstown... [Tribune Democrat]
--The Patriots fans are booing their team, and Ellis Hobbs is not happy. Between this and Randy Moss losing interest, it sounds like all is well. [Shutdown Corner]
--What's wrong with Carson Palmer? [SI]
--WVU fans are already calling for the head of Bill Stewart. Looks like that was a well thought-out hire. [SPORTSbyBROOKS]
--Here's one of the worst football injuries one will ever see in a lifetime. [YouTube]
--NFL's 10 Defensive Players Worth the Price of Admission list includes a Steeler. Is it Nick Eason? [CBS Sports]
--The Steelers will undoubtedly fall in this week's power rankings, but there's always a high place for them in the Ultimate Power Rankings. [ESPN]
--Here's 125 Places to Have a Beer Before You Die. [All About Beer]
--How many Pittsburgh stadiums landed on ESPN's 100 most important sports venues? [ESPN]
--And here's the 5 best old-school stadiums. Where's Mellon Arena? [FanNation]
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LeeTunnel said...

I've been to five:

39-The Flying Saucer (Dallas)
102-McSorley's (NYC)
105-Church Brew Works
116-Anchor Bar (Buffalo, home of original "buffalo wings")
118-Top of the Hill (Chapel Hill)