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--Sure, the Steelers stunk yesterday...but at least we've got a new deal with Pedro Alvarez in place! [ESPN]
--With Saturday's injury to Sergei Gonchar, that leaves the Pens without their top two scoring defensemen for some period of time. Here's a closer look at exactly what we'll be without. [Empty Netters]
--Jack Wilson had "the best moment of his career" yesterday. Sadly, it was a send-off from Pirate fans and not anything remotely connected to winning. [PG]
--Bill Belchick addresses the growing "Randy Moss is frustrated" storyline. Personally, I could never imagine Moss shutting it down. In a totally unrelated stat, Randy Moss averaged about 3 catches a game in Oakland in 2006. [PFT]
--Pitt cleans up in the weekly Big East Player of the Week awards. Where are they going to put all those plaques? [Trib]
--A Merril Hoge soundbyte from DVE makes national news. I was previously unaware Merril thought very little of Vince Young. [The Big Lead]
--Antwaan Randle-El, media star. [YouTube]
--My W&J Presidents move to 3-0 with a 34-24 win over Thiel. That oughta move them up the BCS rankings. []
--Email of the morning so far, from Jamie:
"I have stumbled upon a trend in Steelers football that not many people are taking notice of. It seems that the Steelers are a much worse team when kicking off at 4PM on the road, dating back to last season. In fact, I was so aware of this anomaly, that I selected the Eagles in my suicide pool this week. Allow me to substantiate my claim with statistical evidence.
The Steelers played 8 road games, and 4 of them were a 4PM kickoff (Arizona, Denver, NY Jets, and New England).The Steelers lost all 4 of these games. Arizona is a team we likely beat at home, Denver was mediocre last year, and the Jets were horrible. Now, take the Patriots game for what it is worth. Nobody beat the Pats last season until the super bowl (thank you Giants!), so perhaps that game doesn't count. Yesterday we get pounded and manhandled by an Eagles defense that had exactly ZERO sacks coming into the game. Eli Roth thought it was excessively violent. I have no conclusion here, I am just saying that perhaps we should be wary of the next 4PM kickoff road game. It happens to be New England who got throttled at home by the Fish."
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Anonymous said...

Great stat by Jamie but its not correct. The Steelers are actually 0-6 in their last 6 road 4pm games. Dating back to the 2006 season when the Steelers lost @ the Raiders in that horrible game on 10/29/06. The last time the Steelers won a road 4pm game was the Super Bowl year @ Green Bay. If I recall correctly they did not play well that game and the D (Troy had a defensive fumble) saved the game.

Anonymous said...

In addition, the Steelers are 3-8 since 2000 on the road for 4pm game. I wish I knew that before I drove 5 hours to Philly, was called a f.a.g. over 100 time for wearing a Steelers jersey and watched Ben get killed on the Linc's grass.

SOB said...

Why would a 4PM local start affect the Stillers when they play west like Arizona or Denver? Those are 1Pm or 2Pm starts respectively. Total gibberish to try to make something of something that doesn't exist.

DaSlanMan22 said...

Not to mention that the Denver game was an 815 EST kickoff last year too. Maybe the Steelers just lose more games on the road than at home. REALLY?!?!? WTF?!?!

Anonymous said...

The Denver game last season was actually the Sunday night game, not a 4:00 game.

RedHawks Hockey said...

I think the denver game last season was played sunday night, not 4 PM. not sure though...

Eileen Flinn said...

The Denver game was a Sunday night game -- I was there. We're just not as strong on the road as we are at home. Maybe it's a mental thing with the start times. I know I hate the late starts.