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--Chris Henry is expected to sign a one-year deal with the Bengals. No, there's no punch line, they're actually signing him. [PFT]

--Browns QB Derek Anderson left the Monday Night game with a possible concussion after being sacked by Osi Umenyiora. The Browns had fallen behind to the Giants 30-3 by the 14:05 mark of the second quarter, but their reserves rallied and ultimately fell short, 37-34. [ESPN]

--Will Vikings QB Tarvaris Jackson play Saturday night against the Steelers? Coach Brad Childress is keeping things close to the vest. [Star via PFT]

--Terry Bradshaw was named as the Steelers' all-time "Franchise Player" by readers, but AFC North blogger James Walker disagrees with the choice. [ESPN AFC North Blog]

--Ben Roethlisberger is the QB of the All-Maxim team. [Big Ben News]

--Mike Tomlin is trying to bring Lawrence Timmons along slowly. [PG]

--The Trib's Scott Brown examines the enigma that is Anthony Smith. [Trib]

--We close with a thought-provoking email from reader Gregory C.:

"Last week's episode of Hard Knocks had Dennis Miller wearing a Dallas Cowboys T-Shirt. Isn't he supposed to be a big Steeler Fan? Didn't we let him drive around on 3 Rivers on a snowmobile and give him a key to the city? I might be one of the biggest Dennis Miller fans out there, but it might be time to change the locks."
Thoughts, Steeler Nation?


Anonymous said...

Chris Henry - you may know him fromhis recurring role as an alien on the 1980's TV show "Unsolved Mysteries."

Robert Ullman said...

I gave up on Dennis Miller when he began kissing Dubya's ass at every possible opportunity; it seemed like the ultimate hypocrite move by someone who'd previously appeared to have a very finely-attuned bullshit detector. I suppose this is just one more hypocrite move. Hell, maybe George Jr. gave him the shirt for Valentine's Day!

KirkGibson said...

George is cool. The Cowboys aren't.

Unknown said...

I almost swallowed my Copenhagen when I saw Dennis Miller in that shirt.

I gasped when I saw it, and Mrs. Blueline said, "what's wrong?"

I said, "Dennis Millers' wearing Cowboys t-shirt."

Mrs. Blueline: "So?"

Blueline: "So, he's from Pittsburgh; he's a Steelers fan. You don't do that."

Mrs. Blueline: "What's the big deal? Maybe he's just doing it for the show."

Blueline: (knowing Mrs. Blueline is from Boston) "That's like a Red Sox fan wearing a Yankees hat."

Mrs. Blueline: "Oh, then 'fuck him.'"