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Pittsburghers who yearn to be immortalized in a film while wearing black and gold, your wish is just days away. A short film called Tommy and Me will be shooting on Saturday, August 9 at Heinz Field and has issued a casting call for extras wearing black and gold, twirling Terrible Towels, with painted faces.
The film takes place in the Strip and is one of ten neighborhood stories that will be released as a feature film in the fall as Greetings from Pittsburgh Neighborhood Narratives. The film is dedicated to Operation Safety Net, which helps to care for the homeless in Pittsburgh. A brief synopsis:
The story shows the compassion of the people, merchants in the Strip for an elderly homeless guy named Tommy, who is befriended by a young guy who works at Mike's Stuff (Mike Feinberg's). In the story, Tommy, who has a great white beard, is nicknamed Steelers Santa and becomes an icon of the Steelers Nation. The story unfolds from there.
So there you have it. There's no pay, but since some of you will probably still be wearing your Steeler gear from the first preseason game the night before, it's a good excuse to get out, get some fresh air, and be captured on film as the maniacal Steeler fan you are.
Tommy and Me [official website]

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