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Obviously envious of the attention ESPN recently brought to Penn State University with their Outside the Lines feature chronicling the fall of the JoePa Discipline Empire, a few West Virginia University basketball players looked to draw attention to their school at a recent Pirate game. And boy, did they ever. Are you watching, OTL producers?
Joe Mazzulla and Cam Thoroughman were arrested after a scuffle at the security station where they had been detained by off-duty police officers working during the Pirates game against the Colorado Rockies.
During the argument, Mr. Thoroughman claimed he was 17 years old. He later amended that to say he was 18. Police later found documents on him that showed he is 20, and that he is from Stout, Ohio.

Police said Mr. Thoroughman, a 6-foot, 7-inch forward on the Mountaineers team, reached across a counter toward an officer.

To recap, the school that gifted the NFL with Chris Henry AND Pacman Jones, and the school that willingly hired Bob "DUI with vomit on the driver's side door" Huggins as Head Coach, had two underage players drinking, scuffling and even throwing punches at police at what normally would be thought of as a quiet Monday night at the old ballyard. I mean, we all get excited when witnessing something as rare as an Ian Snell victory in 2008, but there's no need to get rowdy. And here I thought we all learned a lesson in drunken behavior last week.

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godohoky said...

What do you expect from a couple of inbreds?