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This week promises to be a big one here at "the house"...
--First off, give it up for A.J. and that article last night; the man has talent. I've actually been sitting on that for a while. I was originally going to post it after the now-infamous All You Can Eat article, but we put our heads together and decided it would've probably started a riot had I posted then.
--After a long absence, I'm trying to finally get a Mailbag column up for tomorrow. So if you have any last-minute questions, commentaries, or links, send them to
--I have a really big interview lined up for Thursday, so that will probably up on Friday. And this is no joke where it turns out to be Ronnie Florian, although that would be awesome in its own way. Let's just say I consider this interview an honor and a privilege to partake in and leave it at that. It's probably going to cut into my Mondesi posting time on some level this week, because I have a lot of pre-interview reading and research to do. But it will be well worth it.
--I'm also in the process of finalizing details on a radio segment that I've been looking forward to for a long time. As soon as the date/time is set, I'll post that info.
Until then, enjoy some Marian Hossa jersey-burning videos courtesy of Mikey from Kiss 96.1. More to come...

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Anonymous said...

$100 says the interview subject is Tim Worley.

Stop your reading, Mondesi. Go watch a tape of the 1988 Gator Bowl between Georgia and Michigan State. Classic Worley.