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Satan and Ingrid Smolinska at a Slovak Fashion Show. Shall I add that Marian Hossa was on hand at the fasion show and pictured as well?

We can now move out of panic mode, as the Penguins have finally signed some wingers. Hot on the heels of signing bruiser Eric Godard earlier in the week, the Penguins have signed RW Miroslav Satan and LW Ruslan Fedotenko, who both played with the Islanders last season. Take that, Garth Snow.
The early numbers are $3.5 million next year for Satan and $2.5 million for Fedotenko. Both are one-year deals.
The 33-year-old Satan scored 16 goals with 25 assists last season. He's lit the lamp 337 times since entering the league with Buffalo in 1995.
Fedotenko, 29, had 16 goals and 17 assists last year. He has career totals of 122 goals and 117 assists in seven NHL seasons.
According to, these moves now put the Penguins just $2.97 million under the cap for '08-'09. In short, don't count on Jagr or Naslund suiting up for the Pens unless Mr. Shero can unload a Sydor here or there.
*By the way, joke "B" was Satan and Crosby forming the God-Satan Line. Thanks, I'll be here all week.
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Anonymous said...

It seems like Thursday has been the Pens' best day of Free Agency yet. I guess we can take my finger off the panic button now.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

I don't think the Pens are quite done. They still need a few depth guys and I can still see them making a realistic run at Jag(r)Off.

I also wouldn't be surprised to see some sort of multi-player, multi-team deal pulled as well. Hockey GMs always have tricks up their sleeves.

T Wex said...

Finally, there is a Pens jersey I can wear to a Misfits concert.

Bob Dabolina said...

They have more than $2.97M. The cap number is actually 56.7M.

Anonymous said...

I'm not real impressed with these signings.