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Since I always must tinker, I'm experimenting with a new link format...more links, less one-liners...think of it as a little test-marketing...

TSN's NHL free agent tracker [TSN]
John Challis driven to stadium by Alex Rodriguez [NY Post]
Smizik: Now we'll see what Shero is made of [PG]
Hines Ward voted NFL's smartest offensive non-QB [ESPN]
Dan Rooney voted NFL's top owner [ESPN]
Najeh Davenport denies the dump incident [PFT]
Hines Ward's intelligence, mentorship are special [Hashmarks]
A-Rod and Madonna decline comment on relationship [Deadspin]
Frank Coonelly fires back at Ron Cook [ forums]
Bonds record HR ball delivered to Hall of Fame after all [Sports by Brooks]
Big Ben's ESPN My Wish segment [Kiss 96.1]
Upper Deck unveils 6,661-card baseball card set []
Arizona's Chris Snyder fractures a testicle [The Big Lead]
NFL superbust Tony Mandarich a photographer? [On 205th]
Duct tape prom attire controversy at Center HS [PG]
Entrance music for MLB baseball players [Armchair GM]
Superbad: the action trailer [Youtube]
Fire extinguisher service truck catches fire []

Send your links, oddities and whatnot to Your fellow readers thank you.


Anonymous said...

Bring back the one-liners. I like the tease they bring to the story. These are boring. Don't you know I'm bored at work and need updates to pass the time?

Brian said...

I like the one-liners, too. Seeing a list like this is kind of boring.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

I think Frank Coonelly has reached his breaking point and he hasn't even been in this town for a year yet. His tenure might get very interesting very soon.

Koz said...

One year for $7.4 million!?

Shoot me.

RedHawks Hockey said...

I imagine that is quite similiar to the pens offer? Except 4 years longer? I suspect he will be booed worse than Jagr ever imagined.

Anonymous said...

I guess leaving the one-liners out is almost acceptable, but if you're going to do it in this format, could you double-space it please? A little hard on the eyes...

Pancakehead said...

One liners are good, double-spacing would be nice for the lists, but for God's sake man, give me some kind of warning when you publish a headline like "Arizona's Chris Snyder fractures a testicle"!! It's buried 2/3rds of the way down after some innocuous links, and I spit my breakfast all over my Matt Capps t-shirt! You'd better hope that didn't jinx him...