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A few years ago, it was announced to much controversy that Mike Lange was no longer broadcasting televised Penguin games, his duties replaced by Paul Steigerwald. A few weeks ago, Lange was the runaway winner in a poll conducted on this site that ranked 67 of Pittsburgh's most visible sports media personalities, scoring an unbelievable 97.6% approval rating. His replacement, Steigerwald, ranked 33rd with 57.3% approval.

A reader tipped me off to a recent Post-Gazette poll that put the pair head-to-head, and the results...they weren't pretty:

After reading the results, I immediately checked out, which (not surprisingly) was all over it.

So Pens fans, could this recent outpouring of support ever go anywhere, or are the Sid-and-Geno-fueled high ratings enough for FSN to leave things alone for the long run? I'm going to go with the latter.

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Robert Ullman said...

Sometimes it seems like anything with FOX in the title sucks.

But on the serious a Penguins fan living in Richmond, VA, one of the main reasons I've declined to subscribe to the NHL Center Ice cable package is because I can hear Mike Lange on NHL Radio for free. If Lange was on TV, it'd be a no-brainer. As it is, I'm considering XM for the upcoming season!

Nothing against Steigy particularly...I think he's fine, and when I was too poor to even consider cable, much less Center Ice, his radio broadcasts were invaluable and enjoyable. But Lange is simply a legend, and there's no reason his voice shouldn't reach as many fans as possible.