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For those of you who've complained that the Pirates have one LaRoche too many, your troubles just got doubled, for the Pirates appear to have just traded Jason Bay to the Boston Red Sox in a three team deal that nets the Buccos Los Angeles 3B Andy LaRoche and Class-A RHP Bryan Morris, as well as Boston RF Brandon Moss and right-handed reliever Craig Hansen. The Dodgers get human question mark/RBI machine Manny Ramirez.


Unknown said...


bizzo5000 said...

I think the Pirates won this trade, shockingly. Moss & Hansen. Me rikey.

Adam Gretz said...

This is a much better trade than what was originally offered by Tampa Bay, and it's a much better haul than what they got for Nady/Marte.

I liked the Jeremy Hermedia rumor better, but I don't hate this trade.

And I loved Bay. As much as it pains me, I'll root for Boston while he's there.

Unknown said...

I haven't been following the Pirates lately, but why are we trading away Jason Bay? I understand he is a talented young player.
- Is he up for contract renewal and they don't think they can sign him?
- Or do they hope to get several stars from this deal?

Seems like you would want to keep a young star, and trade away the older veterans.

Dan D. said...

I'm glad we're rid of Bay. Every year it's a question of whether he'll produce to our expectations, which were too lofty to begin with.

What sucks is we didn't get 4 pitchers out of this deal, only two.

Koz said...

From a late Post Gazette article on their website:

The Pirates acquired a...
"-- A "Jason Kendall-type'' third baseman."

Does that mean he's an asshole or that he'll have a slugging percentage under .300?

Anonymous said...

koz I was thinking the same thing! maybe he has a 5 o clock shadow and has a giant rammer in his cheek?

Dallas Mike said...

Gee Mondesi, does Hans Klopek have a brother? We need a casting call for Andy Laroche....As for the deadline deals, at least there wasn't a late push for Matt Morris.

Mosh Pitt said...

I don't understand everyone, like Gene Collier, who call out this being a terrible thing (trading away Bay, Nady, Marte). Cause we were so close to contending with those guys, huh? 2/3 of the most productive outfield in baseball is gone from the 5th worst TEAM in baseball, and it matters because? The Pirate front office does something different for the first time in 16 years, and people are upset by it. I just don't get it. We had a decent trade deadline, and now we have young talent with high upside. And Bay's not young. He's 30. Baseball players peak around 28.

Mosh Pitt said...

@ blueline: THAT'S HILARIOUS!!!! A Steeler cheer...IN A PIRATE POST!!! GENIUS!!! We'll show these stupid Pirate fans what really matters!


RedHawks Hockey said...

Infield of the future:
1st - Pedro Alvarez
2nd - Jose Bautitsta
SS - Brian Friday
3rd - Andy Laroche

I really like this trade. JBay was a solid player but his inconsistency and constant mental lapses were annoying to me. I think getting some youth, ESPECIALLY some pitching, is a great things. Well done Huntington.

Anonymous said...

OK, so maybe one of these four guys pans out.

Four years from now, the Buccos will be trading him for another young guy with potential.

And thus the cycle continues...and the Buccos keep right on sucking.

RedHawks Hockey said...

they were sucking with the players they had now AND we knew what their potential was because they were 30 years old. we traded them because we have the worst starting pitching in the entire league and needed to try and get something. whats the difference between sucking now knowing the limited ceiling of the current players and sucking later with players that could potentially be stars?