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Big Ben: too cool for socks

For all of you concerned, the Steelers' softball extravaganza went off as planned on Saturday.
The "early" game at North Allegheny High School featured big names such as Hines Ward, Ben Roethlisberger, Charlie Batch, Nate Washington, Deshea Townsend, James Harrison, Max Starks, Larry Foote, WDVE's Jim Krenn, KDKA's Sonni Abata, and WTAE's Jon Burton AND Sally Wiggin, who undoubtedly drew the biggest cheering section.

No one ever gave him a chance as a softball player

Santonio Holmes also suited up and delivered on a called shot, joining Babe Ruth and Petr Sykora in the annals of sports history.

The "late" game in Washington, PA, didn't have quite the same level of star appeal, but it managed to snag James Harrison (who appears to have played in both games), Chris Hoke, insurance salesman/TV analyst/former Steeler Edmund Nelson, and the omnipresent Louis Lipps, among others.
The Steelers, apparently wearing the same uniforms they recently donned in their charity basketball tour, ultimately dropped this one, 14-6, to the Wild Things alumni. As shown, a good time was had by all.

And before you ask, yes, I felt this recap was more relevant than the Pirates' incredibly disappointing 7-6 loss to the lowly Nationals, which featured Paul Maholm allowing four home runs (including three in one inning) and Matt Capps serving up a gopherball to Lastings Milledge in the 9th inning. Bob Smizik is not happy. Then again, he rarely is.


[Thanks to Shawn Jurik of Washington, PA for the photos and recap from the Wild Things game]


Real McCoy said...

I am glad to see Santonio dressed.

nuthinhere said...

No pictures of Sonni Abatta ?? Whats wrong with you??

Anonymous said...

Santonio's too tired to participate in OTA's but he's fine for softball.

I like his as a player, but he's beginning to sound like a pu**y.

godohoky said...

They could probably beat the Pirates.

ManBearPig said...

That last comment was so typical of Detroit fans.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

2nd the Sonni Abata comment