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BREWERS (22-24) 4

PIRATES (21-25) 1

As Bob Smizik recently noted, May can be too early to get wrapped up in "Pirates Nearing-.500 Fever". After realizing that I was actually agreeing with something Smizik wrote, I immediately looked out the window to make sure pigs weren't flying. Luckily, I saw only a few examples of airborne bacon. But Smize's point was not lost.
The Pirates recently had a nice little run that led them within a game of .500 on several occasions. Unfortunately, that hump has proven to be somewhat insurmountable, as they failed on each instance to reach that sweet .500 ground. They're like a team that has three wins in a best-of-seven series and just can't get the fourth.
But now the tables seem to have turned on their good fortunes, as the Pirates have found themselves back on the losing end for three in a row. On Wednesday night, it was Milwaukee and Ben Sheets taking their shots at the Buccos, and they left PNC Park with a 4-1 victory in front of 8,805 ticket buyers.
It was the typical recipe for a Pirate loss: the lack of a timely hit (nine runners left on base), a defensive screw-up (an Adam LaRoche error), and an uninspiring starting pitching performance (Ian Snell: six innings, nine hits, four runs).
While the Pirates actually matched the Brewers' 11 hits, they merely couldn't cash them in. The Pirates had four extra-base knocks, including doubles by Nate McLouth, Ronny Paulino, and LaRoche, as well as Xavier Nady's sixth home run. And 11 hits against Ben Sheets is nothing to hang your head over.
The Pirates' rotation is sporting a 5.51 ERA, worst in the majors, and it is in no small part due to Snell, who has admittedly performed below expectations. But Snell has not given up hope.
"Regardless what anybody says about me ... they can say I stink, whatever, I don't care. I'm determined to win. And yeah, I want to be that guy."
I'm a Snell fan. I think he plays the game hard and with emotion and truly wants to be part of the solution. But if he doesn't get straightened out soon, even the fans' lowly expectation of a .500 season will be a pipe dream.
Tonight's matchup: LHP Tom Gorzelanny (3-4, 6.64) vs. RHP Dave Bush (1-4, 6.05) 7:05 PM start. Hopefully the inspiration for the middle-finger-flipping bobblehead can turn his 2008 campaign around.


HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Memo to Pirate Fans:

Be glad that the Pirates aren't over .500 this season. If they were, they wouldn't have the opportunity to blow it up as that is what is needed. All that playing somewhat competitively does is prolong the inevitable. Nady and Bay need traded while they are still able to fetch good return.

Anonymous said...

I speak on behalf of all readers to your site, Mondesi, that no one cares about the Buccos right now.

If they're smart, they'll go out and make all the stupid trades and signings they like b/c no one would even notice admidst the excitement over the Pens.

Jose Canseco, expect a call from a 412 number.