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The Penguins: nearly as scared as these Flyer fans, according to Phil Sheridan
Yes, the Penguins cheerfully tanked in the last game of the regular season against the Flyers. Or so says's Phil Sheridan in today's edition of Out of Town Columnist Who Takes a Shot At the Penguins:

This topic riles passionate Penguins fans for obvious reasons. But the logic of coach Michel Therrien and his troops made perfect sense. Given the bad blood between the two teams, a series between them figured to be a long, violent battle of attrition. The Penguins would have been prohibitive favorites to win that series, but the toll might have cost them heavily in later rounds.

Honestly, won't making (and eventually winning) the Stanley Cup be a little sweeter knowing that we beat this team and their supporters in the process?

Phil Sheridan: Don't write off Flyers just yet []

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