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If I may interrupt the excellent trip down memory lane brought to us by Jason Devander for a moment, a few emails are trickling in concerning the Penguin bars outside of Pittsburgh.
From Brenda: "Not sure if he's willing to drive to Alexandria, VA, but there's a great hockey bar there named Bugsy's - great pizza. Usually at least a few Pens fans there. "
From Andrew: "I know its not Baltimore, but its close. There is a good, core group of people who show up for every game at the Pour House in Washington, DC. Its on the corner of 4th and Penn SE. This is the same bar that is home of DC Steeler Nation. The place erupted on Sunday after Hossa scored in overtime."
From Jason K.: "Hey sorry to bug you. I saw the post about "Ethan" wanting to know about Penguin bars in Baltimore and I had the identical question, but with Philadelphia. Please let me know if you are aware of anything or whatnot."
If anyone else has information on this, please feel free to add them in the comments section.


Reggie Dunlop said...

hey, thanks for this!

jason, i know steelers fans hang out at the fox and the hound in center city, so i bet you could probably find some pens fans there too.

if anybody wants to join my friends and i as charter members of the pens fan club of baltimore, shoot me an email reggiedunlop1889 AT thanks! go pens!

zachary said...

hey - i'm the organizer of the philly steelers supporters, and can confirm there will likely be pens fans at fox and hound, 15th and spruce in center city.

sadly, i'm in the midst of finals, and won't be able to make it until - probably - game 2 or 3.

mondesishouse said...

A few more people checked in via email on this:

"Pens fans in Boston meet at the Steeler gathering in Cleveland Circle (Brighton) called Roggies ( on Chestnut Hill Avenue.

Ironically, we've encountered some fellow Pens fans that are just that, not fellow Steeler fans.

Last year during the Ottawa series, we had the privilege of watching a game with old #25 Kevin Stevens...haven't had the opportunity to see him yet this year."

Best site ever for out-of-town Pens fans:

Anonymous said...

Pour House in DC also goes by the name of Poli-Tiki. The owner is from Squirrel Hill. The ground floor is all Pittsburgh, complete with lifesize cardboard cut-out of Myron Cope and a model display of the Land of Make Believe from Mr. Rogers. Scary...

Jim said...

Does anybody out there know of any Pens bars in NY? I've been watching the games online, but I'd like to get out there and meet other Pens fans in the city.

Unknown said...

Josie Woods in New York city has a big group of Penguins fans watching every game but they're mostly a bunch of dooshy hockey fans who must've jumped on the crosby bandwagon because they yell at every missed pass and dont know half the player's names. It's the best I've found but plenty of other places will be playing the pens/flyers series.

Scott said...


I'm not sure if there's a big pens following, but Scruffy Duffy's in NYC (743 Eighth Avenue between 46th & 47th)is a great steelers bar, so they might have the same following for the pens. I caught the end of the steelers game up there after pitt beat duke, and the place was nuts. Inflatable steeler on the sidewalk out front, pool table sized terrible towel hanging up inside, steeler jerseys on all but maybe 10 people... just a great atmosphere. and after a touchdown, it was more rowdy than a lot of Pittsburgh bars I've been in. It might be worth checking out.

patrick f. said...

Hey guys,

I'm trying to get this site off the ground. It is a site to find hockey bars for your favorite hockey teams around the country. If you could go to the site and enter your favorite bars we could get a good database going. The site is free and I'm not looking to make any money here. As a pens fan living in New England, I know how hard it can be to find a place to watch the game. The site is

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Unknown said...

Philly needs a Penguins bar, so I'll be at Fox and Hound, watchin the Pens and Habs since i've been there for Steeler games before. Now that Philadelphia has its team essentially out, a lot less worry about Flyer hooligans too.

dougpittbaltimore said...

Downtown Baltimore did have a pens bar in '09 called "No Idea", they even flew a flag at the front. although, as the season progressed i think the owner felt pressure from the increasing # of capital bandwagon fans who have not so curiously popped-up in the past 3-4 yrs. The flag is no longer flying. I'll be contacting them since the season '10 season is upon us and repost if there's any positive news to report.