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There is nothing sweeter for a Penguin fan than watching 19,965 orange-clad Philadelphians go home disappointed. Actually, there is; that would be a win in Game Four on Thursday night, which would be sweeping the Flyers off of their own ice. But we'll just have to wait a bit on the inevitable.
This game was all about de-fense, de-fense, and more de-fense. That, and the amazing goal-scoring magic of Marian Hossa, who never scores goals in the playoffs. Not only did he get what would be the game-winner back in the first period, but he put a nice bow on his effort with an empty-netter (a hockey phrase obviously named after the PG's great blog), his 8th goal of the postseason.
Unfortunately for Hossa, that still wasn't enough to crack the night's three stars. You've gotta squeeze R.J. Umberger in there, probably because of his Pittsburgh roots.
Yes, despite the excitement generated by the Pride of Plum, it was another bland performance from the Flyers, who are playing with about as much passion as the 1985 Pirates. They could only muster 18 shots on goal (5/3/10), and they weren't even in the mood to mix it up. But it's hard to have much emotion when you're constantly getting killed by Steve Downie gift-wrapping goals for the opponent. I thought T.O. left Philadelphia, but he apparently just switched sports.
Besides T.O., many fingers will be pointed at Daniel Houdini-Briere, who failed to register a shot (although he did get an assist). That's a sound, $52 million investment there. He's a real difference-maker.
MAF had another solid game, stopping 17 of the 18 shots he faced, although his most amazing accomplishment was probably fighting off the boredom of facing the Philadelphia offense. The Pens got a great all-around effort out of Ryan Malone, with a goal and three hits, and Ryan Whitney, who figured out that Flyers can be used as props on fancy goal-scoring attempts.
So the series resumes (and hopefully ends) on Thursday night in Comcast Country. Be there with brooms in hand...again.
Game Notes:
--The Penguins are 11-1, the first team to start the playoffs with that record since the 1983 Edmonton Oilers. Unfortunately, nothing good ever happened to that team.
--Versus, you're absolutely killing me. Derian Hatcher had a great Game Two? On what, the NHL2K8 season you're playing in your hotel room on off days? And also, could you possibly tone down your pro-Flyer agenda just a bit?
--Tonight's Unnecessary Versus In-Game Interview Subject: Ray Shero.
--The Flyers' low shot total for a playoff game was 13 on May 24, 2000, against New Jersey in the East finals.
--Gary Roberts sat out due to illness and was replaced by Adam Hall.
--A pregame moment of silence was held in the blacked-out arena for Stephen Liczbinski, a Flyers fan and member of the Philadelphia police force, who was killed last week in the line of duty.
--Trib wrapup and Photo Gallery here.
--Jordan Staal is flying home Wednesday for his grandfather's funeral.
Your victory California Soul! Unfortunately, I only saw it once during the broadcast. Hopefully it's not dying a slow death a la the Flyers.


Koz said...

There's nothing here to suggest the Flyers are capable of winning game four. The Rangers played with some energy and enthusiasm and those games were close. This series has been a freaking joke so far.

It's certainly not over yet... but it might as well be.

Who likes calamari?

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

I'm actually looking forward to Edzo and Doc. These two douchebots are killing me and the DVE feed is like 10 seconds behind.

Reggie Dunlop said...

105.9 is ten seconds behind too. i blame janet jackson