Big Lead Sports Bar



--Rashard Mendenhall sighting! Actually, it's that time of year known as "Steeler Minicamp", a pastime of those who love to over-analyze all things black and gold.

--Terrelle Pryor had dinner with Cris Carter at Eddie George's restaurant. The question: do you care?

--Turner Ward and the Three Rivers Stadium outfield wall: forever linked.

--An SI fan survey ranks the MLB stadiums, and PNC Park comes in 3rd, behind Cleveland and Milwaukee. Unfortunately, this survey takes into account a little thing called "Team Quality", which most definitely kept Your Buccos out of the #1 spot.

--For just $1.8 million, you can buy Pacman Jones' house. Heck, at that price, I'd take two.

--And in related athlete real estate news, Jose Canseco's $2.5 million pad just got foreclosed on.

--Chelsea, Jenna Jameson, and drugs. You figure out the order.

--The first known picture of infamous Johnstown garbage-accumulator "Dr. Vora" has been released.

--It's the car of the future: 100 miles to the gallon; 1 year to make; no side or rear-view mirrors (all video dash board); and only a $500 deposit is required!

--Yes, Mariah Carey really married Nick Cannon.

--DC Madam Deborah Jeane Pelfrey said she would never go to jail; and she was right...she hung herself.


Koz said...

I was in attendance for the Turner Ward wall incident sitting in left field. What a memory!

mookieproof said...

Upon reading this, I wondered, "Who's Nick Cannon -- is he Don Cannon's son?"

Unknown said...

Mendenhall hurt already...another nagging injury for a first round draft pick. GREAT!